Oddballs in the limelight


Dylan Kronenberg, Staff Writer

In this social media age, celebrities attract tons of attention via apps like Instagram and Twitter. Certain celebrities who avoid the path beaten by so many boring and ordinary people can attract more attention for themselves by being something other than society wants them to be. Just understand that these unique celebrities are living their own lives. Keep in mind that I am simply reporting and not advocating for anything that shouldn’t be done.


Instagram: @Jodyhighroller

Twitter: @Jodyhighroller

Horst Simco, or Riff Raff, or Jody Highroller,  is a 32-year-old rapper from Texas. Riff Raff hit the rap scene in 2009 when he was cast on the MTV show From G’s to Gents. He used this popularity to catapult his career into what is is today. Riff Raff has tattoos all over his body, consistently wears crazy clothes with odd color combinations, and has lightning shaped facial hair. He changes his hairstyle every couple weeks but is best known for his blue cornrows, diamond grille, and his caucasian descent. He is very open with his use of alcohol and very illegal drugs like pot, Codeine, and Cocaine in his music and on social media. Riff Raff makes rap music but his music is just as unique as his look. His newest and most successful album, Neon Icon, ranges from freestyle-esque raps like Dolce and Gabbana and Tip Toe Wing in My Jawwdinz with lyrics from the latter like, “I’m at a slumber party, girls only, got you mad/ But you can sleep outside — here’s my Versace sleeping bag”, to more serious sounding raps like Cool it Down and How To Be the Man with lyrics from the latter like “Show you to be the man, how to be the boss, how to buy the car, how to buy the house”, then finally to hardcore rock like Kokayne. His raps are unique because Riff Raff can be a good break from serious raps to his comical and not so serious style. You can also pay $28,000 to take Riff to prom and $20,000 to bring him to your family dinner at http://jodyhighroller.com/shop. Recently, Riff Raff has put on loads of muscle, most likely from steroids, and is trying to get to 250 pounds.


Dan Bilzerian


Dan Bilzerian is truly in a league of his own. With every oddball comes a signature look, and Bilzerian’s is truly sexy. His luscious beard is his identifying factor and it puts whiskers like mine to shame. After being dropped from the Navy SEALS program “for a safety violation on the shooting range”, Bilzerian decided to just go to the University of Florida and major in Business and Criminology because why the hell not. Bilzerian made some serious coin after college by playing in the World Series, of Poker, of course, because baseball isn’t badass enough for Bilzerian. He won around 30k in the World Series of Poker Main event. He then bet Tom Goldstein he would win in a car race which he of course did because he is Dan Bilzerian and walked away 385k richer. Bilzerian actually had two consecutive heart attacks after a night of partying with dangerous narcotics like Cocaine and Viagra. But this is not why Bilzerian has one of the most sought after lives in Hollywood and the world abroad. His Instagram account, a product of too much money, time, and popularity, is caked full of half-naked women and guns, most of which lead to his newest nickname, “The King Of Instagram”. This account is responsible for most of his notoriety and adds to his not so normal lifestyle.

Miley Cyrus

Instagram: @mileycyrus

Twitter: @MileyCyrus

Miley had it all. She spent her teenage years starring in a wildly successful Disney channel original show, Hannah Montana, got engaged to Liam Hemsworth, but then the poop hit the fan. Liam left Miley and she fell apart. Like, seriously fell apart, and went from being the Disney star who everyone wanted to have sexual relations with to the bald chick without appropriate clothing who gets showered in ones five nights a week. Miley decided that Draco’s hair looked good so she cut her hair to a less than two inch length and bleached it coke white. But, as Tyler Durden once said, “It’s only after we lose everything that we are free to do anything.” Miley switched from cute country and pop music to her newest album, Bangerz, which features the song “Wrecking Ball”, one of the most talked about songs in the last 20 years because of the video that went along with it. The video shows Cyrus swinging back and forth on a black wrecking ball, naked, and literally licking a sledgehammer like it is a lollipop and showing off her notoriously long tongue. Although the song may have come from good intentions, the girl was naked on a wrecking ball… interesting. Cyrus followed this up by having a professional photographer take some prime nudes of her, which floated along the internet for a while.  Cyrus also transformed into one of the most openly public, celebrity stoners. She received a Bob Marley cake at her 19th birthday and had some interesting comments. “You know you’re a stoner when your friends make you a Bob Marley cake. You know you smoke way too much fu**in’ weed.” Then in an interview with W magazine during 2014, Cyrus said “I just love getting stoned” and “I love weed”. Miley went from a cute Disney Star to one of the worst role models ever for her old fans. Miley was doing her own thing and I respect that, but sometimes we all go too far and this is what sets Miley apart from the rest. She went way too far, like her Instagram bio that her 15.5 million followers can see: LA face with an Oakland Booty. Classy Miley, real classy.