Best Nicknames of the Senior Class

Grayson Judge, Staff Writer

Remembering names is hard. Everyone has trouble remembering who’s who, is that Jack or is that John? Just the other day my English teacher failed to remember not one but two people’s names. He seemed unphased that it is a full six months since the beginning of school. However, this is a clear example of just how hard remembering names can be. But wait, there is a solution to this problem, nicknames. Instead of trying to remember hard names like “Jack” and “John,” it is much easier to just remember a simple, yet catchy nickname. Here are the top five nicknames in the senior class at Miramonte:


A classic. Short for Kaitlin Fenn. Has become so popular that people don’t even say Kaitlin anymore. Even teachers call her Kfenn. Also sometimes called sloth or fennel?


Incorrect spelling because Lauren is La not Lo so it should be Lafo not Lofo but who really cares – it is catchy. Also sometimes called Loaf.


Short for Ovenbird101. Story goes that Evan Pauletich was cooking a bird in the oven at 101 degrees and then the name was created. Can be added to Obeez the bagger, since Pauletich is a bagger at Diablo Foods. My personal favorite.


Caroline Tague’s nickname. Created when imessage autocorrected “Caro” to “Carp.”


Star offensive lineman Alex Schnier’s nickname. At 6’5” and 250 pounds, Shnier is indeed as big as a prius.