Second Semester Senior Activities

Meghan Rogers, Opinion Editor

The idea that being a second semester senior is all fun and games is mostly untrue. Despite the myths, teachers still assign you homework up to your eyeballs. However, seniors often find their level of dedication wavering as time goes on. Here are some activities to pass the time as you wait until June.


Miss several days of school and strangely not miss anything

  • despite what you are used to in the rigorous lifestyle of Miramonte High School, often times you will find that if you miss school you will return and mysteriously have minimal makeup work. That, or you just don’t care about the work you missed. Also, everyone will be jealous of you.


Wean yourself off society by steadily spending more and more time in nature

  • If OPI taught you anything, it’s that all you need is your expensive hiking boots and the great outdoors. Ditch the cellphone, bring some friends that don’t annoy you and your spirit animal to fully breed your hatred of superficial life.

Become increasingly more frustrated at the lack of parking spots – especially in the J Lot.

  • If you were too lazy or too spiteful to drive children to school this year, you missed the security of having a carpool spot. At the beginning of the year, parking spots were surprisingly bountiful, but as the year goes on sophomores think they’re clever with their new licenses and decide to park in the Lot without passes. Because this is never enforced, you might be forced to prowl the Lot for a while and may even be forced to do the ultimate worst – park in the spots that have a speed bump in the middle of them. That, or just drive home.


Become maternal toward an underclassmen

  • With all the experience you’ve accumulated over four years, you are now eligible to adopt an underclassmen! Take them under your little hen wing and guide them safely through the rest of the semester. Freshmen are likely to reject you out of fear, and juniors are too stressed out to be a fun child to have. Therefore, the newly flowering sophomore is the best option for your future child. The good news is like actual children, you can get rid of them when you graduate in a couple of months.