How to Deal With Rejection Letters

Spencer Hardwick , Social Media Director

You already have a sneaking suspicion before you open the letter. It is one of the small ones, but you don’t know if this could be good or bad. You open the letter slowly, careful not to damage the potentially life changing news inside. The anticipation of what may come weighs heavily on your shoulders. As you unfold the letter and see the lack of supplementary pages, the stark white paper begins to feel cold and unforgiving in your hands. The blood drains from your face as you read the words that dash your hopes and dreams up against the sharp rocks of reality: “We regret to inform you that we are unable to offer you admission to *insert your dream school here*.”

Everyone will get a few of these, some more than others. And while the disappointment lessens with time, the physical presence of the letter is a constant reminder of your academic shortcomings. So what do to? You could just throw them away, but that’s boring and doesn’t allow for the emotional release that is sometimes needed. So, here are the Mirador’s favorite ways to dispose of your rejection letters.


Make a mobile for a younger family member

Want to mould the mind of a relative into constantly having the threat of rejection in the back of their mind, so that they feel pressured to achieve before they can even say “college?” Make a mobile that can hang above their crib. The colorful crests of Harvard, Princeton, North Carolina, or other top schools will catch their eye, and as they grow older their young mind will be stimulated towards reading at an early age by out the words “regret,” “admission,” “sorry” and even “applicant pool.”


Tattoo your favorite lines on your body for motivation

As the great Nicki Minaj once said, “my haters are my motivators.” And what is better motivation than the reminder that four years of your life spent dedicated towards achieving a goal was completely wasted, and destroyed with just one simple sentence? The best place for this is probably across your chest, and backwards so that you can see it in the mirror every morning when you wake up. Bonus points if you add the school crest or a cool font to make each rejection line special.



Nothing provides emotional release like the use of fire to destroy property. This method is especially desirable because the materials are few and easy to find. All you need is rejection letters, and matches (lighter fluid optional but recommended for extra gratification). Just make sure that you find an open area, free of other flammable materials – empty parking lots or metal trashcans will be some of your best options. Failure to do so could result in your admission to the four year college of Juvenile Hall. If you want to go above and beyond here, create a paper mache effigy that symbolizes your future – this could be a doctor, lawyer, whatever you wanted to do with your life – set fire to it to symbolize your dreams going down in flames.