Jon Stewart Leaves his Throne as Comedy News King


Colin Bean, Social Media Director

On Feb. 10, Jon Stewart emotionally announced his retirement from the hugely popular satirical news show that he has hosted for 16 years, The Daily Show. The news of Stewart’s departure was heartbreaking to the millions of viewers, the many people inspired by his work, and of course, his biggest fans at Fox News.

Stewart’s impact on both comedy and news is nothing short of amazing, providing a hilarious, creative, opinionated yet factually accurate, light-hearted alternative to your typical news show. Stewart truly created his own league in comedic-journalism, which generated years of fantastic material along with some major stars (John Oliver, Steve Carell, and Stephen Colbert to name a few.) Even though the show is often discredited for being on Comedy Central, Stewart has challenged established news organizations and politicians, usually on the conservative side, on a nightly basis. Stewart also has the ability to capture the sentiment of both ends of the political spectrum with his touching coverage of 9/11 and other serious matters.

Among the heartbroken and inspired fans is senior Cristofer Holobetz, who said, “Jon Stewart has always been able to bring humor to difficult issues and was my introduction to politics.”

Avid fan of The Daily Show and Miramonte teacher, Nader Jazayeri, remarked, “The Daily Show makes kids want to watch the news. They are way more interested in watching a clip of Jon Stewart in class than a CNN clip.”

Although the future may seem bleak without Stewart and with the recent end of the Colbert Report, all is not lost. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has the potential to be the next Daily Show. Despite not quite having the cult following that the Daily Show does, Oliver’s new show has blown up since its start in April of 2014. Jazayeri said he will be turning to Oliver for his source of information and laughs, but Stewart is simply irreplaceable.

Holobetz said it best: “He’s been a huge and positive influence, and though I am sad he is leaving, there is no doubt he will continue doing what he’s done so well for years.”