Insurgent Review


Sofia Ruiz, Staff Writer

The film Insurgent came out on March 20, as a sequel to Divergent. Between Tris, Four, and a whole gang of factionless it wasn’t a bad film, but overall not as good as the first film because this movie really diverged from the novel.

It is understandable that not all characters and scenes could be in the movie, because there simply is not enough time to cover it all. Unfortunately, that does mean a reduction or total absence of character interaction, but  many people were excited to see in the film. Another downside is it may be difficult to carry these over into Allegiant (Part 1).

Additionally, they changed certain pieces of the novel, for example a hard drive was changed to a magical looking box (probably for dramatic effect). The ending was not as liberating or free as it is originally in the novel. Also, a certain person dies in a different way than in the book.

Finally, there was too much time was spent on Tris trying to unlock the magic box, which could have been spent including characters or plot. The simulation scenes may have been action-packed, but it becomes tiresome once you get the jist of the each test.

Overall if you are more into fighting scenes and being on the edge of your seat, you’ll enjoy this movie, but if you’d rather get to know certain characters and have some plot development you may be a bit disappointed. The next film in the series, Allegiant, is set to come out March 2016, so we will have to wait a year to see if the films continue to stray, or if they follow the original plot line better.