Thumbs Up on Coachella Themed Spring Fling


Layne Estes

Coachella made its way to Miramonte High School on April 24, in the form of a Spring Fling on campus, hosted by the Miramonte Leadership class. Mimicking the actual Coachella event annually hosted in southern California, the Leadership class made sure that the Spring Fling was successful and a good conclusion to the year just before finals. Featuring a lively atmosphere of music, food trucks and a bouncy house, the event proved to be a hit for students.

“I liked the Coachella dance because it was more relaxed and chill. The food trucks made it better, and that’s how it was different than the other dances. I would do it again, because it was a nice thing to do towards the end of the year with my friends,” sophomore Kemahni Boozė said.

“I really liked everyone’s outfits. The food trucks were good, and I also enjoyed the flash tattoos. I would definitely go again,” freshman Claire Swan said.

“I really enjoyed the outdoor atmosphere and seeing everyone’s interesting outfits. The dance was a dope way to end the year with all the seniors. As well, the food was super good and was really cheap too,” sophomore Preston Riahi said.

Overall, the verdict on the outing was a thumbs up. The combination of the dance, the bouncy house and the food trucks made the event especially memorable, and worth attending again.