Six Steps to Treat Yo Self After APs


Photo: A. Logan

Juniors Carolyn Brager and Ellie Reed treat themselves to a relaxing day at the beach.

Ashley Logan and Libby Dunne

Weeks of cramming for AP tests and sleepless nights can take the life out of someone. The Mirador concocts the perfect cure to get you to your normal self again. Treat. yo. self. The “Treat Yo Self” philosophy, inspired by the show Parks and Recreation, consists of excessive spending and relaxing to shake off the stresses of life and school. Follow this step-by-step procedure to recover from AP tests.

1) On your way home from the test, stop at your favorite lunch spot with friends and enjoy a calming meal filled with the joys of completing one of the biggest exams in your high school career.

2) After lunch, stop by Safeway and grab candy, donuts, popcorn, ice cream, and any other junk you have money to buy. Once you are satisfied with your selections, hop in your car and blast your favorite playlist on the ride back home.

3) Upon your arrival, shed your uncomfortable jeans and school clothes and start a warm bath. Make sure to use your favorite scented bath salts to further enjoy this experience. Take your time in the bath; after the water turns off, you can just relax without fears of rising water prices due to the drought.

4) Hop into some sweats and your favorite t-shirt to comfortably enjoy a night with your best friend, Netflix. Open up your favorite genre of movie or TV show and scroll through the options. Once you have made your decision, completely free your mind from anything stress-related and sit back and relax.

5) Throughout the rest of the evening, treat yo self to your sweet purchases. You have earned this.

6) Once your Netflix addiction has been satisfied, tuck into bed and get some well-deserved rest.