Movies to Help Unwind After APs

Movies to Help Unwind After APs

Sofia Ruiz

So you’re finally done with AP testing, and from here on out things will hopefully be a whole lot easier. The end is in sight my friends. And to commemorate the fact that a school year’s worth of toil has finally come to a crescendo and actually paid off because you knew the answers to some of the questions, you should let your brain melt. What better way to let that spongy pink thing in your head collapse in on itself like a bad souffle than to throw yourself a little movie marathon. If you’re feeling optimistic, you may want to watch a sad film to bring yourself back to reality, and if you think you failed your tests, perhaps a lighthearted sing along is what you really need. Regardless, you should grab a blanket, popcorn, and a friend (or pet), and dive into your own film festival.

These movies are best fit for certain moods, depending on what you think you got on your tests:

Mulan- An amazing young lady saves China, and brings honor to her family, even though her father didn’t care about that in the end, only that she came home safe. Plus you can sing along and cry during that scene in the rain. Good for negative thinkers who actually got a 5. You know who you are.

Ladies in Lavender- Maggie Smith, Judi Dench, and a foreign violinist who washes up on the English shore next to their cottage. Beautiful but also sad; good if you’re feeling in the 4 range.

To Rome With Love- A string of different storylines pulled together by common themes of romance in Roma and pure hilarious happenstance. Honest without ever getting too serious, probably best for any 3’s out there.

Volver- Spanish women are amazing. Penelope Cruz is amazing. Also there is accidental murder and a relatively lighthearted secret burial. Girl power. For those 2’s who feel you’ve been through enough this year, and now you know you need to break up with your AP’s.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off- Take your own day off with this film. Or the rest of the year. Follow all of Ferris’s advice if you truly believe you got a 1, and feel the freedom coursing through your veins.