Star Wars: Battlefront ’05 v. ’15?


Photo: EA Star Wars

The battle we’ve all been waiting for: In the new edition, players can take control of famous characters such as Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader and wreak havoc across the galaxy.

Will Richardson and Christian Santiago

One of the most anticipated video games in recent history came out last month. On November 17th, the new of Star Wars: Battlefront came out to massive fanfare, as fans celebrated the resumption of the title after a 10-year hiatus. The game is expected to be a massive success commercially, with over 13 million copies projected to sell. But despite all the fuss over the new version–and in order to be considered a truly great game–it must be analyzed and compared to the timeless 2005 edition of Battlefront.

2015 Version

It is a fact of life that the Star Wars franchise is celebrated for its storyline. Despite all of the revolutionary special effects that the movies employed, we all know the most compelling part of both the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy was what took place between the characters. So, as one may imagine, the fact that the new edition of Battlefront doesn’t even have a story mode is quite disconcerting. The single player modes are quite bare and after a while become awfully repetitive.

But this was something we knew from the start. The game revolved around the multiplayer, as developers EA and DICE revealed before release. And in that aspect, it certainly delivers. Though there are maps on just five worlds, every game feels different. The two largest game modes, Walker Assault and Supremacy, are brilliant on all worlds.

Playing as Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader is one of the most fun experiences out there in video gaming. All of these experiences add up to a wonderfully nostalgic experience for players as they are transported back to their childhood when they dreamed of being a Rebel Soldier fighting against the evil Galactic Empire on Hoth and Endor.

2005 Version

Star Wars is a franchise that everyone knows and loves. It’s a pop culture phenomenon that inspired a generation of viewers and captured the minds of moviegoers around the world. The merchandising of Star Wars has always been a main part of the franchise; the Star Wars universe extends way farther than the main movies. From comic books to spinoff novels, toys to television shows, Star Wars has a name there. But what Star Wars exceeds best at is video games. And the crown jewel is Star Wars Battlefront II.

Battlefront II was one of the most addicting games of the early Playstation 2 days and was a definitive game for both the PS2 and Xbox, paving the way for many third-person shooters after. The game was a nice mix of third person, FPS and strategy.There was so much to do the game felt everlasting. Battlefront II was the first game that felt like, unlike Call of Duty or Halo, a war game. It was so expansive for its time: from piloting classic Star Wars spaceships like the X-wings for dogfights to playing as all different Star Wars characters like Stormtroopers of Jedi Masters in large man on man battles.

The item selection is also classic; from the Sonic Blaster to Blaster Rifle, every item had a personality to it. Each character had a different set of moves, so you could pick and choose between what suited your playing style. You could learn to sharp shoot as a Stormtrooper, or you could Force Choke your enemies as a Sith Lord.

The leveling up system was also a huge selling point. The more experience you got, the more you can unlock. You could unlock new items, new character skins, and eventually you could fight as Jedi and Sith from all six movies. At a time where FPS games were gaining more attention, Battlefront 2 always seemed to stand above the rest. Everything about Battlefront 2 is classic.


It is important to note before passing judgement on the better game that both are excellent video games and great fun. The multiplayer of the 2015 version is quite possibly the best individual feature of all titles, but the monotonous and tedious singleplayer makes players yearn for games of years past. This key sticking point means that, despite all of its benefits, the 2005 edition remains the king of the Battlefront Series. Not only because of the nostalgia it invokes, but because after ten years of technological advancements in video games, it still holds up in the pantheon of all-time greats.