Disclosure Takes SF

Kate Dunn, Staff Writer

San Francisco was proud to host the British electronica duo Disclosure in their invigorating performance over the weekend of May 20 at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. The two brothers brought their best performance to the Bay, opening the show with Honey Dijon and featuring artists Lion Babe and Brendan Reilly.

The opening performance, while at first seeming to be exciting, was probably the biggest let-down ever witnessed by an audience at Bill Graham. Honey Dijon looked like she was having the time of her life in front of the crowd, dancing by herself more than anyone else was. Unfortunately, her energy didn’t quite catch and it turned out that most of the crowd was just waiting for her hour-long set to end. *insert supporting quote*

In the half-hour break between the opening act and Disclosure, the sea of millennials amused themselves by batting around LED lit balloons, accidentally stepping on each other, or, not so accidentally, breaking out in fights. This in itself was great entertainment, as there was no space between the packed-in bodies to swing fists, the two aggressors resorted to head-butting each other in the middle of the floor. The only fight that I witnessed was very brief and was quickly drowned out amongst the roaring shouts of “WORLDSTAR!”

Finally, the lights dimmed once again, and the two brothers appeared behind their mix booths in a most god-like fashion. The crowd vibed to the beat of Disclosure’s most popular songs “When a Fire Starts to Burn”, “Holding On”, and “Omen”, among many others. At this point, neo soul artist Lion Babe took the stage, living up to her stage name by swinging her gorgeous, voluminous mane. Guest artist Brendan Reilly was brought out at the very end. Disclosure played their most popular song “Latch” for the encore. The entirety of the performance was accompanied by a mesmerizing light show. Although I personally loved the show, my favorite part was definitely watching the intoxicated moms dancing wildly up on the balcony.