Cop or Drop?

Jayson Fernbacher, Staff Writer


Shoe: Nike Dunk Low “Orange Box” ($100).

Cop or Drop: Cop

This iconic, Nike SB (Skateboard), silhouette* takes design ideas from the famed orange box in which almost all Nike shoes are sold. This concept is intriguing and the shoe has minute details such as the box’s outline under the swoosh. The combination of this historic sneaker, creative design, cheap price, and color scheming make this shoe appealing and thus, a cop. This shoe hit the shelves on October 6th.


Shoe:Adidas Yeezy Boost 750 “Chocolate” ($350).

Cop or Drop: Cop

Ever since Kanye West joined the Adidas family, the brand’s stock has skyrocketed. The Kanye shoes are the most hyped sneakers currently available. This shoe in particular is more of a high-end sneaker. Even though they may not be super appealing, these are a cop, due simply to Kanye’s name and their popularity. This shoe debuts October 15th.


Shoe: Nike Air Foamposite One “Night Maroon”($230).

Cop or Drop: Drop

These shoes are known for their durability because of their tough and stiff materials. However, the Foamposite (Foam) is becoming oversaturated in the market. As there are too many colorways* being sold too often. Every time Nike comes out with a Foam now, the shoe just has a different monotone colorway. The only Foams worth the outrageous price are exclusive ones or ones with a unique colorway. Since this particular shoe is unoriginal, plain, and their price, this is a drop . Especially on the West Coast where Foams aren’t necessary because of the weather. This shoe is being launched October 20th.


Shoe: Adidas SeeULater OG (price unknown).

Cop or Drop: Drop

I don’t need the name, price, or the release date of these sneakers…BOIIIII. These look like they came straight out of a hiking trail garbage can. These are the “Ugly Hiking 3s.” Please, unless you plan to scale Half Dome sometime soon, do not cop! If you wear these, people around will be saying its name, “See you Later!”


Shoe: Adidas NMD R1 “Duck Camo”( $150).

Cop or Drop: Cop

The Adidas Nomad, more commonly known as the NMD, made a splash in the sneaker culture last year. This relatively new model called the R1 has a new triangular cage along with the original lego-shaped pieces on the midsole. This easy to rock colorway is a cop because of versatility and individuality. No shoe has looked the same as this one. This shoe hits stores and websites October 25th.


Shoe:Nike Air Presto “Greedy”.

Cop or Drop: Cop

Let me start by saying WOW! This silhouette’s popularity hit its acme in the ‘90s and recently made its return this summer. These shoes are comfortable and stylish, making them an easy shoe to rock on a daily basis. However, these shoes should be worn for special occasions because the colors stand out for this particular Presto. This is a must cop for all sneakerheads and when rocked will crack necks. This shoe comes out October 29th.