Supreme Lookbook Spring/Summer 2017

Jayson Fernbacher, Staff Writer

My mom went with the ordinary “I’m going on a diet” New Year’s resolution, a goal which requires little thought and typically is never achieved. I am a very realistic person and set very simple and achievable goals. So, when 2017 rolled around and my mom asked, “What are you going accomplish this year?” I chose two objectives. One: go to a concert because I have really been starting to immerse myself in music. Two: buy some SupremeTM clothing, vintage clothing, or streetwear clothing because the products are stylish and swaggy. I know, I know, both of these things seem childish, but it’s a start.

Two months in and I have made no progress with my goals. I have had no interest in any of the artists that have visited Northern California. Also, after the winter season, SupremeTM has not released any merchandise. However, my time has come. The premier of Supreme’s Spring/Summer 2017 lookbook has arrived and with it a lot of heat. I’m not going to review every single piece because there are too many items and some are just plain goofy. For example, why would I want to rock a long-sleeved, collared pink shirt with carpets printed all over the shirt? Let’s leave the rugs to the floor. So, I have composed a list of the top five and a half pieces in the lookbook.


I swear it has been constantly raining for the first two months of the year. What better way to adjust than by copping one of these full and half zip jackets? If you’re going for a more vintage look with duller colors the half zip is better. The duller colors are easy to pair with a lot of outfits too. Instead, if you enjoy hoodies, cop the button-up. Both are resistant to rain and prone to flames because they are some heat. The middle pouch featured in these items set them apart. The pocket makes these clothes stylish, unique and trendy. Also, when rocked, they will for sure break some necks. Everyone will be looking at you in the hallways.


One of the reasons Supreme is the most popular street brand company is because of their lack of fear to experiment and push boundaries. This long sleeve shirt is the perfect example of their audacity to express themselves. The words “f*** what you heard” express the undaunted mindset of the company. The shirt has a simplistic, yet irresistible design making it casual but fashionable.

Vincent Van Gogh’s fame grew immensely posthumously. Like his paintings, this hoodie is stunning. It features a printed version of his painting “Wheatfield with Crows” on the front which offsets the piece. Once again the simplicity of the piece is what makes this hoodie clean. The tan version is by far the best colorway in the set.


At first glance, these shorts looks relatively ordinary. However, these Terry shorts are special. First off, the material of the shorts are soft as clouds and as fluffy as a well-conditioned poodle. Just looking at at them makes me want to lay in a lounge chair, bump some tunes, and sip some iced tea. These shorts are perfect for a lazy day, but the different material provides a versatile style rather than running shorts. They are a must-cop because of their singularity and comfort.


In the past, Supreme has released many miscellaneous items. Items such as a fire extinguishers, bricks, and bolt cutters sold out in seconds solely due to the hype of Supreme. The brick in particular is worth 60-100 dollars on eBay… A BRICK! Now, these items are pointless and I do not advocate aimless spending on worthless products. That being said, a money gun is a necessity. In the past I haven’t been able to flex my doe properly. This money gun is essential for maximizing money stuntin’. It shows you still got bank to spend. Rather than promoting violence, it encourages hard work to earn money. I hope I have a shot at copping this money gun. The price is unknown, but it doesn’t make a difference. I will dish out a load of cash from this gem.