The Top Five Alternative Masks

Kirstin Parker, Staff Writer

Let’s be honest, when it comes to mask choices, our only options are colors and fabrics. So The Mirador  decided to seek out some innovative masks, pushing the boundaries of design and good taste. In some cases quite literally.


  1. The Lettuce Wrap

Lettuce not get COVID with this keto friendly mask that’s pure protein style. 

Christine Collings 


     2. The Upcycle Recycle

Out of Mentos and Diet Coke? Turn your empty two-liters into COVID-beaters. 

Olya Titova


     3. The Klassic Karen

Don’t let the libs cancel your freedom. Spread your message and your virus.

Sue Fisk


     4. The Bread Head

Catch COVID and you’re toast. Choose a slice of life instead. 


Savage Breadies

     5.The No Fear Brassiere

Stop COVID in its racks… er, I mean tracks. 

After consulting with some of my most trustworthy colleagues, we chose a winner. We weighed practicality, looks, and overall performance of the mask. After hours of debate and research, we anointed the Bread Head our winner. Not only will the Bread Head protect you from COVID, but it will also protect you from the sun, head injuries, and annoying Keto dieters. And in the event of hanger, simply take a bite.