BMX Star Arises From Miramonte

November 21, 2014 @ 9:50 am – 10:50 am

Junior Paul Shariff is not your average student-athlete. Instead of suiting up for football practice after school or lacing up the running shoes for cross country, Shariff drives out to local skate parks and shows off his biking talents. Starring in a Youtube video from TCU BMX, Shariff got over 700,000 views.


Shariff has shown dedication and perseverance throughout many years making him one of the best underage bikers in Northern California. At age 15, Shariff was a runner up in the 2013 X Games which started his sponsor lookout. Living in a small community in Richmond, Shariff practices his BMX skills at local parks as well as taking every opportunity to make trips to Tahoe to train in a facility in Woodward.


Shariff started riding about eight years ago when he saw the neighborhood kids jumping their bikes off a ramp up in the street. “I’ve always been passionate about biking so that helped me with where I am today,” Shariff said.  “It’s always been something I do for fun and to be able to get paid for something I love to do is just a huge bonus.” It’s not just the spending cash the average teen makes from their part time job either; Shariff bought a 2013 Mercedes Benz before he even had his license from gathered up money from his sponsors.

“I met Paul at Woodward West during the 2013 winter camp and was instantly a fan of the level of bike control and line wizardry this Nor Cal resident possessed,” said Kevin Johnson “Little did I know this micro human was only 15 years old! Expect a lot more from this kid in the near future.”


Johnson was so impressed with Shariff that he went on to become Shariff’s partner and photographer.  Shariff is a young star in the BMX community, and despite his young age, his talents gifted him with his first business opportunity.  Sponsorship is a business transaction where a business pays a talented individual as a form of advertisement.


The reason a business entity would sponsor an athlete revolves around a desire to attract sales.  This is done via exposure and good will in the community, as well as by other racers and potential racers seeing their product performing well.  Shariff’s talents have landed sponsorships with Lotek Shoes, Sunday Bikes, Merritt, and Stance.


Shariff plans to do more back flips and crazy stunts on his bike after graduating as well as traveling to more competitions and events. Shariff is hoping to get an invite to the future 2014/15 x games in Barcelona.