Lauren Kimble Shows Her True Colors

Grant Huhn

Senior Lauren Kimble does not hesitate to express her outgoing personality. Since her freshman year, Kimble has been proud to be one of the only openly gay people at Miramonte. Kimble does not lack personality, and she is a pleasure to be around. Many people judge her based solely on her physical appearance, but the ones who don’t get to know Kimble are the ones who are missing out on a great friend. Kimble is a good student, a great basketball player on the women’s varsity team, and an all around great person.

One of the major obstacles that Kimble had to overcome in her freshman year was establishing her sexuality to her friends and family.

“I never actually came out and told anyone that I was gay. I just started dating another girl freshman year, and people found out that way,” said Kimble.

Kimble has lost and made friends because of her sexuality, but she has no vacillation about being open about her sexuality because she is very comfortable with herself.

“When I first came out, a lot of my friends stopped talking to me. But over the years, people have gotten used to my personality and have opened up to me.”

One of Kimble’s best qualities is that she is not afraid of being judged by others, which allows her to openly express herself. Kimble expresses herself by captivating the attention of peers. Some of these methods include her numerous styles of mohawks and her hat that says “Hey mom, I’m Gay.”

“At Miramonte and in the Bay Area, people are accepting and give me positive feedback on my hair,” said Kimble. “But outside of the Bay people are not so gracious. I get some weird looks sometimes, and in Fresno someone directed me to the men’s bathroom.”

Kimble has no complaints about any prejudice against her at Miramonte, but at other schools in the area, people are far less accepting.

“I have never had a problem with anyone at Miramonte.  People are really friendly here,” said Kimble. “But last year at one of our basketball games in Dublin, a fan yelled [dyke] at me.”

While Kimble believes that Harvey Milk is the most influential gay person on the gay society, Andrea Gibson has had the biggest personal impact on Kimble. Gibson is a spoken-word activist whose poetry concentrates on the oppression of gay people today.

Kimble never openly came out to her parents, but freshman year her mom went onto her computer and found out that she was in a relationship with another girl.

“My mom saw that I was messaging another girl, and next thing I knew I was kicked out of the house,” said Kimble. “After this, the first person I felt comfortable talking to about my sexuality was Christina Ent ‘07.”

Ent and Kimble were teammates on the Varsity basketball team during Kimble’s freshman year.

“She was open to listen to me freshman year, and she really helped me get through my hardship at the time.”

Kimble believes that gay people should come out at some point, but she admits that it is a very personal decision.

“I think that people will be a lot happier in the long run [if they come out], and it’s good not to hide anything, but everyone has different comfort levels so it is a personal thing,” said Kimble.

Be sure to catch Kimble’s positive attitude, all-star performances and excellent mohawk at the next women’s varsity basketball game.