Miles Honens Launches Into Success

Alex Seclow

With the cold wind on his face, sophomore Miles Honens shoots down the mountain eying the upcoming half-pipe. Before long, Honens is hanging in mid-air. As he is preparing to complete a flip, his mind wanders to thoughts of his friends in class at Miramonte. Honens is not in class second semester because he is busy skiing, competing in tournaments, winning the Junior X-Games, and being sponsored by Oakley. Honens sat down with the Mirador to reveal everything, from his skiing career, losing consciousness, falling pants and his dream of competing in the 2014 Olympics.

When did you start skiing?
I was two.

What is the name of the category that you compete in?
I do the free style/free ride, which includes jumps and the half pipe.

What is your most embarrassing moment?
One time in Colorado I landed, and my pants fell, and everyone saw my boxers.

What is your favorite mountain and slope and why?
I like Squaw Valley because I grew up skiing there and haven’t found anything that has beat it. I especially like the run KT22.

What awards have you received?
I recently got 1st place overall in the Junior X-Games, Next Snow Search.

What professional skier has inspired you and why?
Janner Hall because he is the best half-pipe skier in the world.

Who are you sponsored by?
Oakley, Porters Tahoe, Line, Full Tilt, Joystick, Bern, Icer, and Squaw Valley.

Could you explain more how the sponsoring works? Do you get lots of free gear and do you have contracts?
I do get lots of free gear and I do have contracts. The way a contract works is that a company will give their rider a certain amount money if they do well in certain competitions. Sponsorship also means that those companies will pay for the airplane tickets in order to get their rider to the event.

What do you do second semester?
I go to Tahoe with my mom and train.

What is your training like?
I train for four days from 8:00 a.m.-3:00p.m. with a coach and about five friends. The majority of my competitions are in Park City Utah and in Colorado. In the summer I do a lot of skiing camps. In Utah I go to a camp that has a turf slope that is covered in water. We practice doing jumps off the slope into a pool. We also practice on trampolines.

How does your schooling work second semester?
I transfer to independent study at Walnut Creek. I get week packets of homework, and then I go to one or two days of class to meet with my teachers for an hour for each class. Typically I have three hours of class on Tuesday and three hours on Wednesday.

What are your dreams for skiing?
Well, right now there is no skiing half pipe competition. Hopefully by the 2014 Olympics it will be added. I would really like to be in the Olympics.

Do you plan on skiing in college?
Colleges only have racing teams and since I am a free styler, it won’t help me get into college.

Which semester is better?
I like first semester better. I miss my friends.

How do you do your homework while competing?

Sometimes it is exhausting to come home after a long day of skiing and do homework. Independent study is really relaxed though. It is easier for me because it is my learning style. I can read at my own pace instead of listening to class lectures.

What are your other hobbies?

Where do you want to live we you grow up?
I want to live somewhere where it snows, not necessarily Tahoe.

What was the coolest part of the X-games?
The coolest part about the junior x-games was going to Vermont for the first time.

Where is the farthest you have ever traveled for a skiing tournament?
Last year I went all the way to Japan, other than that, all my traveling has been throughout the US and Canada.

Have you had any crazy injuries/accidents?

When I was first learning back flips, I failed to rotate all the way around and ended up landing on my head. I was knocked out for a few minutes.

Do you plan on going to college or focusing on skiing instead?
No matter what I’m gonna go to college, so hopefully I can still compete while in college.