Miramonte Graduates Speak at 35th Reunion

Miramonte’s own Class of ’74 just celebrated their 35th anniversary. Mirador delved into the lives of these graduates, asked for advice and learned of their favorite experiences. We learned what has changed (or hasn’t changed) since high school. Some traveled far, like one man who joined a monastery, while others stayed close to home and married other Miramonte graduates. Here are some thoughts from the Class of ’74.

What was your favorite memory?
“I was a water polo timer,” Bonnie Harrison
“We had streakers at our graduation!” Joanne Daniloff

Favorite teachers?
“Odie McCain was great,” Katie Johnson
“Mr. [Bill] Brown was a great history teacher,” Joanne Daniloff

What was your most valuable experience from high school?
“I got a great education and I went to UC Berkeley and UCLA,” Linda Fitch Tavis
“Hanging out with friends,” Bob Sherman

Any advice?
“Find your passion, and stick with it,” Randy Gross
“Appreciate what you have now, and take advantage of it,” Mike Kelly

Have people changed in thirty five years?
“The men look a lot older. But it’s in the eyes, everybody’s eyes look the same,”
“Their souls are still the same,” Mike Kelly

Were able to recognize anyone?
“When I walked in here, there were only two people I recognized,” Robert Bowman

Did you play any sports at Miramonte?
“When I went to school, boys couldn’t swim or play tennis, and those were my sports,” Robert Bowman
“The Class of ’74 was North Coast [football] champions,” Louchis Paul