Amalgrama Broadens Fanbase at MHS

At Miramonte High School, the hardcore metal band Amalgrama is popular listening for much of the student population.

“Amalgrama is sick, not only because of the music which is the bomb, but also because of the people in the band,” said junior Alec Steele.

The band consists of junior Alex Tehrani, freshman Darius Tehrani, junior Noah Rodriguez, Dylan Edmunds, a sophomore at De La Salle, and Conner Edmunds, an eighth grader at St. Perpetua.

Alex and Darius have been playing guitar and drums respectively since they were about ten years old. When Alex began playing guitar, he inspired Darius to follow in his footsteps and develop his musical talents. Rodriguez, the rhythm guitarist, recently joined the band about a month and a half ago.

None of the original members of Amalgrama are currently in the band. Darius was the first of the current members to join Amalgrama and decided that he wanted to change things up. He promptly kicked out the former guitarist and replaced him with Alex. Alex then took initiative and removed the lead singer and Darius took over as the lead vocalist.

Amalgrama’s influences include Metallica, As I Lay Dying, August Burns Red, Devil Wears Prada, and White Chapel. These bands share a similar sound to Amalgrama’s hard-core metal taste, and have shaped the band’s music.

“Hard-core metal is more upbeat and has lots of breakdowns,” said Alex. “We always hope for an aggressive crowd. When people are hitting each other, it’s a good thing. At our last show we had two black eyes and a broken hand.”

In order to create the greatest moshing experience, Amalgrama likes to split the room and order each side to collide and to “kill each other!”

Each member of Amalgrama contributes in their own way; Darius writes the lyrics and creates the beat while Alex writes the guitar music.

“I get my inspiration from the way I’m feeling,” said Darius. “Metal music is largely about raw emotion.”

Amalgrama recognizes that they don’t have many traumatic experiences with which to sing about in their young lives. Darius will generally exaggerate his emotions. For example, when he is mad at someone, he channels that anger and turns it into a violent song full of rage. For Darius, his music is very cathartic. Amalgrama believes that their music is largely for venting their own emotion.

“Music gives me energy,” said Alex. “I would say that about 80% of it is for yourself and 20% is for the audience.”

Amalgrama mainly performs at the Red House in Walnut Creek. This venue is a great way for new bands to get their start.

On April 11, the band is competing in a Battle of the Bands competition at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco. They are currently trying to sell one hundred presale tickets to headline the concert. They would appreciate as many supporters as possible. If interested in attending the event, fans should contact one of Amalgrama’s band members.

Amalgrama is also trying to compete in Warped Tour, and needs as many votes as possible. Alex and Darius have sent out a link through Facebook, and by following this link you can create a free account online and vote for their band.

As far as their future careers, they agree that if presented with the opportunity, they would love to be professional musicians. But for now, Amalgrama is content with rocking the Red House.