Random Person of the Issue: Sonia Abraham

Evelyn Alper

Every issue, Mirador selects an individual to feature based on their sport, talent, or miscellaneous hobby. This issue, however, Mirador selected a student blindly from the yearbook. Mirador will dive into the life of junior Sonia Abraham and discover everything from her fears to her favorites.

Abraham, born on June 24, 1993 at 10:06 p.m., shares a birthday with William MacGillivray, a Scottish naturalist. However, these two people could not be more opposite.

“I hate nature. It’s cold, damp, and you can get infectious diseases,” said Abraham. This emotion may have been ingrained into her consciousness after many mishaps with the great outdoors.

At the age of 12, Abraham had “a battle with a mountain.” As Abraham hiked down a cliff to reach a sandy beach in Humbolt, her foot slipped, causing her to loose her step, and tumble down the hill. Her knee caught her fall via a shard of splintered rock.

“I couldn’t walk for a month,” said Abraham.

One year earlier, a large tree interrupted a relaxing bike ride.

“After I fell off my bike, I decided that I never wanted to ride a bike again. They’re trying to kill me,” said Abraham.

Abraham also experienced the power of nature as she “tumbled through the sands of Earth’s wrath” in the Hawaiian ocean. A wave swept Abraham under the water, helping her decide that this was the final straw. Nature would no longer be a part of her life.

“I also fear all animals, especially bears. They are the number one enemy to Americans,” said Abraham.

Pain also seems to be a theme in Abraham’s life. Her earliest childhood memory is being dropped on her face by her brother. She broke several teeth and still has a scar on the inside of her mouth.

Now a junior, Abraham would rather spend her time inside thinking about her dream job: being the ringleader of a circus (while steering clear of the animals).
Abraham admits that she is “a natural alpha.”

In spite of her adventures gone wrong, Abraham still wants to travel to Greece so she can eat baklava, and to Thailand, where she can drink Thai Iced Tea in its natural environment, instead of at Baan Thai.

“Sonia is one of my funniest friends. Her sense of humor is sort of cynical, which I find completely hilarious,” said junior Katie Johnson.

Sonia in a Snap

Three Wishes:
1. To have a time machine
2. To have an automatically replenishing refrigerator
3. To have three more wishes

Interesting Facts
1. “In the seventh grade, I had pet rats that both died after two years from disgusting, festering tumors.”
2. “I’m neighbors with Joseph Sweiss and Marina Allen.”
3. “I believe in a pre life, but not an after life.”
4. “I usually sleep for 12 hours on weekends.”

The Basics
1. 5’3”
2. ¼ Armenian, ¼ Romanian, ¼ Norwegian, and ¼ German
3. Three older brothers