Which Sunscreen is the Right Choice for You?

Lauren Dahlberg-Seeth

What teen wouldn’t want to banish their pale skin in favor of a deep, dark tan? Unfortunately, although a tan may be fashionable, it’s also visible proof that your skin has cellular damage. Repercussions of sun damage, such as wrinkles, premature aging, and skin cancer can be prevented if you start protecting your skin when you’re young. Now that summer is looming, Mirador has formulated a list of sunscreens to help you choose the best way to protect your skin.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer
Pros: No strong scent, sweat proof/waterproof, not greasy or sticky; has a lightweight feel, Won’t clog pores, can be worn with makeup
Cons: Must be reapplied often
Price: $9.99
Best for: Under makeup

Coppertone Sport
Pros: Convenient twist-and-lock cap, light mist goes lightly onto skin without needing to be rubbed in, dries quickly and is not greasy, very sweat proof/waterproof
Cons: Expensive, if regularly applied runs out quickly, has a strong smell, not intended for face, stings if applied to skin that is already sunburned
Price: $10.99
Best for: During a workout

Alba Botanica Natural Lavender
Pros: Organic ingredients, repairs skin that is already sunburned, is not tested on animals, not greasy, wears well under makeup
Cons:“Lavender” smell is very potent, must be reapplied often, rubs off easily in sweat and water
Price: $8.99
Best for: When people are unable to smell you

Banana Boat Sport
Pros: Convenient twist-and-lock cap, dries quickly, long-lasting, allows you to tan without burning
Cons:Very heavy flow; must be applied from a distance and rubbed in, will irritate skin if applied to face or an area that is already burned, after rubbing in, hands are sticky and greasy, becomes runny in water
Price: $9.99
Best for: Tanning

Solar Sense Clear Zinc Sport Stick
Pros:Cheap price for a stick that lasts a long time, no scent, very strong skin protection. can be applied to lips
Cons:Leaves a white tint on face, rubs off easily, if wet, whiteness will become more visible, does not go well under makeup
Price: $4.99
Best for: When you don’t want to tan or burn

Aveeno Active
Pros: Smells fruity, is gentle enough to use on face as well as body, very lightweight and not greasy, light mist doesn’t need rubbing in, won’t clog pores
Cons:Expensive, must be reapplied often
Price: $10.99
Best for: Daily use

CVS Pharmacy Brand
Pros: Low price
Cons:Smells like cleaning products, spray cap is hard to use and easily broken, leaves skin looking greasy, heavy flow requires one to rub the solution into skin after spraying, after rubbing in, hands become sticky, becomes runny in water
Price: $7.99
Best for: Never

Neutrogena Sport Face
Pros:Goes on skin lightly, not greasy or smelly, rubs in well and quickly, won’t clog pores
Cons:Does not withstand sweat, becomes runny if damp, easily wiped off
Price: $9.99
Best for: When you are dry