Advice For Incoming 2010-2011 Classes

As the end of the year approaches, we find ourselves reflecting on the lessons learned during the 2009-2010 school year. Students generously provided their wealth of wisdom in order to assist the incoming grades. Take note of their experiences, and try and make the best of your next year at Miramonte.

Advice for the incoming freshmen:

“Cheer loud at the rallies” – Katie Hoskins

“Know your schedule so you don’t have to have your map out on the first day of school” – Julia Govan

“Don’t use the toilets here”- Korey Sop

“Take choir” – Lauren Dougherty

“Upper classmen aren’t as scary as their reputation” – Maddie Nicolaisen

“Don’t mess with the seniors” – Micah Spalding

Advice for incoming sophomores:

“It’s the same as freshman year, but easier” – Robert Taylor

“Don’t put too much stress on yourself because junior year is so much harder” – Olivia Trevarthen

“Don’t move to Canada so you have to take World History as a sophomore” – Dave Radke

“Get your permit on time” – Claire Nelson

“Try and be friendly with everybody” – Carlyn Wright

“Keep busy, otherwise you end up doing stupid stuff” – Andy Mora

“Respect freshmen because you’re pretty much one of them” – Rachael Oczckus

“Make sure you keep up with classwork” – Nick Lindow

Advice for incoming juniors:

“Just run away and don’t come back”- Julian Santiago

“If you take AP US, keep up with the reading. Learn how to study for the first test, not the last test” – Katie Evans

Photo: L. Stewart

“Make sure you actually enjoy your junior year and don’t focus on how many APs you take. The best part is all the extracurriculars available, like sports and drama productions” – Brian Henson

“Ms. Wong is the bomb!” – Morgan Thompson

“Be prepared for a very difficult year, and don’t procrastinate. Most importantly, you will have many distractions such as sports and women, but don’t forget the task at hand” – Ashraf Mathkour

“AP Chem is like sex with a dominatrix. Sometimes it hurts but you end up liking it” – Tyler Young

“Don’t take seven periods. It’s a mistake” – Summit Shimooka

“I thought that junior year would be the hardest year yet. It’s really not that bad, just don’t overload on APs, because in the end it’s not worth it” – Ross Dolbec

“Carry a box of tissues with you everywhere” – Kelly Teshima-McCormick

Advice for incoming seniors:

“You shouldn’t go out of your way to be mean to freshmen. But don’t go out of your way to be nice either” – Jennifer Schwartz

“Relax, have fun, and enjoy” –Chelsea DeVries

Photo: L. Stewart

“Math Analysis: great class” – Jonathon Seto

“Don’t slack” – Jordan Myers

“Get to know your teachers better. Take them a few lunches and show that you care” – Alex Paxton

“Don’t be afraid to stay out late on Sundays” -Tucker Kahn

“Get as much time as you can with you friends, because this is the last time you will see all of these people” – Morgane Marlow

“Go to Senior Ball. It’s the best thing ever” – Danielle Bhachu