Mirador Suggests Books Worth A Read

Katrina Kovalik

Title: The Hunger Games
Author: Suzanne Collins
Published: 2008
Mood you should be in: A “root for the underdog” attitude
Synopsis: In a post-apocalyptic world, an oppressive government holds an annual televised event in which teenage boys and girls compete to the death in an enormous arena.
Katniss, a participant in the games, must navigate through the competition and decide who she can trust in a place where the morality and lives of everyone around her are at stake.
Recommendation: Despite its boring cover and disturbed-sounding plotline, The Hunger Games tells an amazing story with an engaging first-person point of view and has characters that I promise you’ll get attached to.
Mirador’s rating: 5/5

Title: Little Brother
Author: Cory Doctorow
Published: 2008
Mood you should be in: A “fight against the man” attitude
Synopsis: Sometime in the near future, 16-year-old Markus is caught near the scene of a terrorist attack in San Francisco and is apprehended by the Department of Homeland Security. When the DHS takes on an oppressive, rather than defensive role in society, Markus stages a tech-rebellion against the branch of the United States government.
Recommendation: If you can get past the detailed descriptions of all the high-tech gear used by the main character, Little Brother is a classic tale of the people rising up against the government, except from the point of view of teenagers armed with the technology of their generation.
Mirador’s rating: 4/5

Title: In Cold Blood
Author: Truman Capote
Published: 1966
Mood you should be in: An “I’m not gonna let myself get creeped out” mood
Synopsis: This nonfiction novel investigates the 1959 murder of a rural Kansas family by delving into the backgrounds of the family members as well as the motivations and psychology of the two killers.
Recommendation: Although occasionally creepy and not recommended for reading alone late at night, this account by Capote of a real-life murder case is not meant to be a horror story, but rather an intriguing and frightening look into the minds of the very human men who committed the crime.
Mirador’s rating: 4/5

Title: Maximum Ride
Author: James Patterson
Published: 2007
Mood you should be in: Sassy
Synopsis: Max, as well as the rest of her “flock,” are genetic anomalies made up of 98% human DNA and 2% avian DNA. Due to their unique composition and the fact that they have wings, the members of the flock are continually running away from, and often beating up, the minions of evil scientists and greedy corporations who constantly pursue them.
Recommendation: Although this book is probably at the intelligence level of a sixth grader, Max’s sassy monologues keep readers snorting with amusement and have them constantly wondering (yes, it’s cheesy) how Max is going to “save the world.”
Mirador’s rating: 3.5/5