Top Fans of Mirador

Chances are if you are reading this article, you’re a Mirador fan. However, chances are your fandom pales in comparison to seniors Emma LeHocky, Molly Fehr, and Phoebe Schmidt. These enthusiasts plan their “Mirador Week” schedules around their anticipation for their favorite newspaper and have shared with us their typical routine. Even with an ever-increasing Mirador Facebook page (over 440 fans), nobody tops these girls.

Emma LeHocky: Senior

So on Monday I get really excited, then I forget about it a little on Tuesday and Wednesday because of the mid-week school slump. Thursday night and Friday morning I get super excited and I start hyperventilating a little bit. I talk to Brooke Woodward in periods one and three, which are unfortunately our only two periods together before the Mirador comes out. Luckily, we have two periods together after the Mirador comes out where we talk about how awesome the paper is.

In fourth period, right before the bell rings, I am ready to go get my paper. I get really excited and start jumping up and down a little bit. Once out of my classroom door, I dance over to the lucky Mirador staff members who are handing out the papers. They typically don’t know me, but I always offer to help handing them out so I can take part in the distribution. They usually get a little bit uncomfortable. If I can’t find a Mirador distributor but I can see one in the distance, I sometimes sort of chase after them. I wish I was kidding. I am comfortable with my enthusiasm. I walk away with a smile and a Mirador in hand. During lunch, my fellow Mirador fanatic Molly and I discuss our number one fan-dom.

Molly Fehr: Senior

Mirador Week for me starts a week prior to when the paper actually comes out when my iPhone calendar alerts me of the impending greatness of the Mirador. Once my week-in-advance alarm goes off, I usually text Emma, generally in all caps. I dream about the Mirador and sometimes dance in my room with pre-Mirador excitement. Three days before the Mirador comes out, I get another iPhone alert and a bubble of excitement explodes in my stomach.

The day before the Mirador comes out, I spend all day thinking about it. The day of the Mirador comes out, I try and resist looking at the website ( the paper is uploaded in advance at eight Friday morning. I often give into temptation and I look at the website. I restrain myself from looking at the whole thing because I like to save a little sweet surprise for lunchtime, the highlight of my day.

When I see the Mirador distributors, I try to act normal, but it doesn’t work. I run. I grab my Mirador and I jump up and down with glee. I flip to the backpage because that is my favorite. If Mirador were a meal, the backpage would be the dessert.

Phoebe Schmidt: Senior

I usually hear of an upcoming Mirador by word of mouth, or when I spy a few of my favorite Mirador writers stealthily taking pictures or interviewing people during lunch. I always try my very hardest to be in the picture, or to say something smart which might get me quoted in an article.

I never count down the days until the Mirador’s distribution, because time passes more slowly that way. But, if I know the exact day the Mirador comes out, I have been known to write Facebook posts expressing my excitement to Kelsey Williams. (Or now, to Alex Seclow since she finally got a Facebook. Dani Vignos is still out of the loop.)

I am usually caught by surprise. This way, I am filled with jubilation when I see the flashy black tee-shirts around school. When Miradors are being handed out, it’s nearly impossible to contain my excitement when I thank them for the paper and flash my biggest smile. Sometimes I do a little embarrassing skip-run when I’m a few steps away. I usually don’t know the writer from whom I take a paper, but inside I know that we have a special connection after they hand me something that fills me with such joy.

I begin skimming immediately. I look at each headline in every section, except the last page. I save that one for when I can really focus and read it all at once. I then return to the front cover, and begin reading articles from start to finish. I start by picking the articles which catch my attention from the first read through, and make my way through the entire paper. This process is quite time consuming, as you can imagine. After lunch, I enjoy stealing papers that my fellow classmates may have carelessly left behind.

Once those pages of black and white gold are in my hands, I know the rest of my day at school is useless. I read it as I walk to the senior lawn; I pay no attention to those sitting around me at lunch, and I cannot concentrate in class because I am too busy trying to read the Mirador as it sits under my desk. Then, I take the rest of the afternoon to finish the entire paper. The process is only complete when I have told every Mirador writer that I know how much I enjoyed their work.

When Mirador became a page on Facebook that I could “like,” I remember saying, “YES!” to my computer. If I could “like” it 1,467 times, I would.