Miramonte Moms Packin’ the Goods

Evelyn Alper

When the lunch bell rings, most people pull out a brown paper bag containing a soggy sandwich, or they pull out money to buy something from the cafeteria or vending machine. Others, either neglected by their moms or too time constrained to make their own lunches, don’t have a lunch at all. However, if you were to look around at lunchtime, your eyes would set upon some pretty good lookin’ gourmet meals. Here are Miramonte’s top four lunches graded on a 1-5 scale, five being the highest. Feel free to take some notes, because wouldn’t we all love to dine in style?

Aleck Ryner
Bottled water, red Gatorade, peach yogurt, kiwi, fruit Roll-Up, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, sandwich and homemade chocolate chip banana bread.

Aleck’s lunch is the cream of the crop, the big cheese, and the apple of any student’s eye. He has the five basic components necessary to create the ultimate lunch: the sandwich, the snacks, the dessert, the drink, and Mrs. Ryner’s homemade chocolate chip banana bread made with fresh bananas and a whole lot of love.
Stars: 5/5

Philip Shamash

Philip Samash's lunch

Seared salmon sautéed with peppers, onions, tomatoes and roasted eggplant, served on a bed of black rice and pasta.

Phillip’s gourmet meals are usually leftovers from a Shamash family dinner. What’s more impressive is that Phillip prepares these meals himself. All I can say is this kid, unlike most Miramonte students whose moms still pack their lunches, is well prepared for nourishing himself without the help of Mama Shamash.
Stars: 4.5/5

Morgan Thompson

Morgan Thompson's Lunch

Bianca’s sandwich, salt and pepper Kettle chips, carrots, grapes, pita chips, Texas cake, and an Odwalla lemonade.

Morgan gets the best of both worlds with a store bought sandwich and homemade goodies. Those with no lunches should seriously consider befriending Morgan—her mom is famous for her homemade Texas cake (think a mix between a brownie and a cake) and bakes enough so that Morgan can have extra to share.
Stars: 4/5

Nick Deaver
Burrito, peach Snapple, Cheetos, and peach yogurt.

Nick keeps it clean and classy. His lunch is perfectly packed in a turquoise cooler that keeps it fresh and un-squished until lunchtime. His house assistant prepares these gourmet meals, either making homemade sandwiches or buying burritos.
Stars: 3/5

Nick Deaver's Lunch