Restaurants in Oakland Attract National Attention

John Coupin

The lack of quality food in Orinda provides its residents with a weak selection of restaurants. Most restaurants try to appease the mainstream, and as a result they don’t produce any trademark foods that some restaurants use to lure customers.

“Orinda food doesn’t have much of a variety or low prices,” said senior Sam Parrague. “If I am going to spend money on high prices in Orinda I want much more food or something much more special.”

An Orinda resident may feel hopeless with the current restaurant situation, but there is a solution. A short trip on highway 24 through the tunnel and into the city of Oakland can broaden one’s restaurant horizons with an endless array of foods.

Recently the New York Times published an article about how Oakland restaurants are becoming world renown. The article highlighted trendy, and somewhat pricey, new restaurants such as Bocanova, Camino, and Commis. However, teens don’t want upscale and expensive food; they want big portions of good grub.
For those that wish to seek the joys of Oakland and don’t know where to travel, here is a starter list:

#4. Restaurant: Barney’s
Two locations: Piedmont Ave. and College Ave.
Description: With a list of more than 30 burgers, Barney’s has something for everyone. Their seasoned curly fries and fried zucchini with ranch are astounding and compliment one’s burger nicely. Barney’s ambience reflects one of a new age diner. With colorful walls and a bustling environment, Barney’s feels inviting. For those in need of a great American meal, Barneys is top of the list.

#3. Restaurant: Champa Garden
Location: 8th Street
Description: The decor is dark and jungle-like with candles and vines lining the walls. Sizzling plates glide out of the kitchen and on to the table. With over 100 Asian dishes, Champa’s selection is vast. Pad Graw Prow is a popular dish that gives power to the consumer to infuse lettuce with meats, spices, and spiced rice. The prices are low and the food is superb.

#2 Restaurant: Taco Trucks
Location: Throughout Berkeley and Oakland/ Ashby Ave. truck is highly recommended.
Description: Many people from Orinda are blind to the quality Mexican food that swarms the Oakland streets daily. Taco trucks line many of the Mexican and non- Mexican districts in both Oakland and Berkeley. Despite their shady appearance, the food is flavorful and authentic. A menu is posted outside the trucks that include most Mexican meals at a fraction of the normal restaurant price.

#1 Restaurant: Bakesale Betty’s
Two locations: Telegraph Ave. and Broadway Ave.
Description: Bakesale Betty’s is legendary for its fried chicken sandwich. A thick fried chicken breast lies within a fresh roll, with seasoned cabbage and an unforgettable sauce. Betty’s is easy to identify because its line often bursts out through the door and onto the street. Betty’s not only sells these marvelous sandwiches but also an assortment of delicious pastry items.
Venturing outside of the tasteless confines of Orinda can open an endless world of culinary sensations.