Badass of the Issue: Ian Wilson

At 6’1’’ weighing in at 210 lbs, junior Ian Wilson is our first “Badass of the Issue.” Ian Wilson is LITERALLY THE STRONGEST KID IN THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE. With over seven impressive titles under his belt, Wilson is not only the National School Age Weightlifting Champion, but also ranked fifth at the Adult National Heavy Weight Championships.

Wilson’s career began in 2006 on a family vacation to Germany where he was introduced to the German national weightlifting coach. The coach immediately took an interest in Wilson’s natural abilities and perfect size for heavyweight lifting. This familiarity with the sport sparked even earlier from his father’s personal interest in weight lifting.

From here, his career blossomed. In his first year, Wilson snagged second place at the National School Age Championships. As he furthered his training, he earned titles and awards at each competition.

One of the highlights was lifting for fellow badass and Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Wilson’s coach set up a demo at a restaurant and invited wealthy individuals, including the Governator, to attend and see what the weightlifters do and pitch in money to help further their training.

Wilson trains with a team called Hassle Free, named after the moving company that originally sponsored the team. The team consists of other weightlifters from Lincoln High School in San Francisco and Sacramento High School.

As you would guess, a typical workout for an intense weight lifter can get pretty grueling. Maxing to his usual 315 lbs for the Snatch and 380 lbs for the Clean and Jerk, Wilson’s daily two-hour workouts consist of many repetitions. Warm-ups before competitions are pretty much the same. Starting with the bar and gradually adding weight, Wilson works through his preparations while breathing and trying to relax.

Recently, Wilson decided to venture into new sport-territory by joining Miramonte’s football team. As defensive end, Wilson will be putting his Herculean strength to good use.

Born in Oakland and raised in Berkeley, Wilson attended Berkeley High and transferred to Miramonte due to a dislike of the old high school. Adapting to the new school and commute proves hard in the midst of junior year but so far, the Miramonte community has been welcoming and supportive of our new badass student.

Some Badass Facts
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 210 lbs
Comparable to: Zydrunas Savickas (The strongest man in the world)
Favorite Food: Sushi. A large plate including lots of variety
Music: everything but heavy metal
Person to fight:
Favorite sport besides lifting: Football
Badass role model: Evgeny Chigishev
Goal: continue to be a badass and make the 2010 Olympic Team
Badass Quote: “I will break you.”