New Restaurant Spices Up Orinda Dining Experience

Table 24, Orinda’s latest restaurant, opened on Oct. 24. Good thing it isn’t called Table 35; it never would have opened.

“Neighborhood comfort food” is Table 24’s motto. From the menu to the decor, owners Victor Ivry and Michael Karp strive to create a comfortable vibe and serve food reminiscent of your mother’s cooking – one of the dishes is even an old family recipe!

Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Table 24 has a wide variety of dishes on their menu. For less outgoing eaters, items like Buttermilk Pancakes, Fettuccini Alfredo, and Burgers fit the bill. The Roasted Eggplant Neopolitan Sandwich and the Criminal Mushroom Pizza are some fun items for more adventurous eaters. To top off the menu, Banana Pudding Cake and Seasonal Fruit Cobblers are two delicious desert items.

“My personal favorite is the T24 Chop Wrap. It is a unique and special chop salad wrapped in Lavash,” said Ivry.

In the past, restaurants haven’t lasted long at the location. “Our success will be predicted in our ability to serve great food at affordable prices in a fun environment. Past successes or failures of other restaurants in this location really did not affect our decision,” said Ivry.

Although business at this location has failed in the past, Ivry and co-owner Michael Karp have been working to make their restaurant more appealing to hungry Orindans looking for a nice place to eat.

“Both my business partner and I feel like there is not a restaurant in this town that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner offering great food, affordable prices, and a really comfortable environment to hang out at. We believe we can fill that void and have fun doing it,” said Ivry.

What Students Think:
“Easily the best burger in Orinda and the waiters are awesome.” -Senior Kyle Miller

“It’s such a great restaurant. The food is so great.” -Freshman Brigitte Legallet

“The joy that comes from eating at Table 24 can be equated to a young rambunctious sparrow taking flight for the first time in a warm summer breeze whilst four baby bunnies frolic in the prairies below.” -Senior Tyler Young

You can visit Table 24’s website here