New Year’s Resolutions at Miramonte

Jessica Coleman

As 2011 begins, students at Miramonte see January as the opportunity to set personal goals and conquer them. From self-improvement goals to overarching hopes, students are taking advantage of the new year and making changes to their lives.

Some students are willing to eliminate sweets from their diet in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“I’m trying to eat healthier this year,” said senior Emily Condon. “Over the holiday season I ate a lot of junk food, so I figured reform was necessary.”

Sleep-deprived seniors have their sights set on full nights of sleep.

“I want to get more sleep,” said senior Jake Martin. “Hopefully that will get easier second semester.”

New Year’s resolutions are often deemed pointless and overly optimistic, so many students take on short-term, reasonable goals they are likely to go through with.

Freshman Kate Wolffe has a passion for playing instruments. Her most recent project is learning to play the musical gourd, a hollowed out gourd with metal keys.

“I saw someone in San Francisco a couple months ago playing one really well,” said Wolffe. “I’ve been learning through instructional videos. There weren’t a ton, so that’s where my resolution comes in. I want to help people by making some of my own.”

Senior Anthony Diaz wants a second chance at a date, a tuxedo and the dance floor.

“For the new year of 2011, Matt Ward and I resolve to be asked to J-Prom,” said Diaz.

He recalls that prom was one of the few things he looked forward to Junior year.

“It was the dim light at the end of the tunnel,” said Diaz. “In this case, metaphorically speaking, the tunnel was crawling with AP tests, SAT’s, and countless hours of homework.”

Now that the pressure of junior year is gone, Diaz and Ward want to give prom another shot.

“We feel that now, as seniors, it would be a very delightful experience to head back to the Scottish Rite Center for another memorable night,” said Diaz.

True to many students at Miramonte, senior Katie Rich prefers to keep her goals timely and realistic.

“I tend to make resolutions every semester,” said Rich. “This year I decided not to have any new year’s resolutions so I wouldn’t break them.”