Mirador Exposes MHS Relationships

Mirador puts three high school relationships to the test in the ultimate competition: how well do you really know someone? By asking personal questions to each student’s closest companions (significant other and best friend), these couples are exposed. Mirador encourages you to test your own friends!

Ally Braue

Birthday: September 15, 1992
Favorite musical artist: Blink-182
Secret hobby: Collecting cat jewelry
Favorite TV show: Dog the Bounty Hunter
Favorite movie: Ace Ventura
Favorite food: Pasta
Goal in life: To become a flight attendant
Favorite and least favorite subject:Favorite: English/Least Favorite: Math
Worst fear: Drowning
Middle name: Hope
Best talent: Braiding hair
Role model: Her Godmother
Pet Peeve: Lying

Significant Other’s Responses:
Marshall Deutz

Birthday: September 17, 1992
Favorite musical artist: √
Secret hobby: Cats
Favorite TV show: √
Favorite movie: Airplane!
Favorite food: Ice Cream
Flight attendant
Favorite: Sports Med/Least Favorite: √
Goal in life: Flying
Favorite and least favorite subject: √
Worst fear: She doesn’t have any
Middle name: Dog (the Bounty Hunter)
Best talent: Not texting back