Baby Zara Born into the Mirador Family

Baby Zara Born into the Mirador Family

Kelsey Williams, Staff Writer

The long-anticipated Baby Quiter has been born! After months and months of Mirador staff writers guessing the gender and offering all the best possible names to Ms. Quiter, Zara Felicity Quiter has finally arrived.

Name: Zara Felicity Quiter
Weight: 6 lbs, 8 oz
Height: 18.5 inches
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Brown

—Mommy and Daddy
—Swinging in her swing with jungle noises in the background
—Taking a bath

Major accomplishments:
—Flipping from her tummy to her back at one week old
—Being born with a strong rock climber’s grip
—Knowing where her tongue is
—Sleeps at night (for now)

“Right after Zara was born, I held her for like 20 minutes, and she just stared at me and Brian–she totally knew who we were.  Then, when the nurse picked her up to examine her, Zara threw a right hook at the nurse. At this point, Brian and I knew we had a spunky little girl on our hands.” –Ms. Quiter