Student of the Issue: Kevin Zheng

Student of the Issue: Kevin Zheng

Kevin throws up a “V” next to his favorite BIGBANG album, V.I.P.

Megan Freeman, Print EIC

When self-taught dancer Kevin Zheng captured the hearts of Miramonte students with his dance routine to Korean artist Taeyang’s song “Wedding Dress” during the student talent show earlier this month, Mirador became determined to track down this talented sophomore.  Zheng was able to take a break in his busy schedule to talk about dancing, tennis, and the life of a regular but interesting guy.

Name: Kevin Zheng

Color:  Red
Country:  China
Sport: Tennis
Movie: The Dark Knight
Animal: Peregrine falcon
Video game: Super Smash Bros Brawl
Actor: Heath Ledger

Speed:  7/10
Intelligence: 9.5/10
Super power: Obliteration with pure awesomeness

Dancing? Dancing’s a fun thing to do, it gets rid of stress, it’s a nice skill to have at the dances that we have at school.  It’s good exercise, it impresses friends…it makes me unique; I’m one of only a few guy dancers at Miramonte.  It makes me proud that I have a skill or at least a passion for something that other guys don’t have.  I started dancing because of the music I listen to—it has a lot of great dances.  It’s mostly Asian music called K-pop.  My favorite band is called BIGBANG.

Your performance at the talent show? There were a number of dance routines at the talent show, but I got the feeling that mine was really well-recieved.  People seemed to really enjoy it, and I appreciated that.  The song I danced to, “Wedding Dress,” is sung by Taeyang who is a member of BIGBANG, and I worked the dance out myself by watching YouTube videos and practicing a lot.

How you got started? Watching videos, I guess.  I just kind of taught myself.  And my family is supportive of my dancing.  Actually, my mom was an extremely talented dancer when she was my age, so I kind of follow in her footsteps.

Singing? I would like to sing, and I’ve been working on it, but my singing voice is not the best.  It’s something that I would definitely like to improve on, but I’m not certain it’s my greatest talent.

Important things in life besides dancing? You know, general school life, family, friends, and playing tennis.  I’m hoping to get the same stature in tennis that I have in dance.  In other words, I want to make the varsity team next year.  I take hard classes and I just try to do my best in everything.

Video games? I don’t play very many video games. I do play sometimes, recreationally, but I’m not a huge gamer.  I don’t have time for video games on top of everything else I do.

Family? My family has been really supportive of my dancing and of my interests.  They think it’s a really good form of exercise and its a healthy thing to do.  They’ve been great.

Typical day on a weekend? I’m just a regular guy.  Well, I guess I play some more tennis than a regular guy.  I’m either studying, playing tennis, working on a dance (you know, putting the finishing touches on it), or clicking around on Facebook or YouTube.  That’s pretty much it, I suppose.

Plans for the future? A dream of mine is to join the Entertainment of Korea.  If you’re talented in singing, dancing, rapping—all that good stuff—then they take you in and train you.  Within a few years you’re ready to go be a dancer or whatever they trained you for.