Odd Scholarships Help Students in Need

Odd Scholarships Help Students in Need

Leahna Purcell and Steven Patton strut their stuff at Senior Ball in garb made entirely out of duct tape. Purcell crafted the attire herself in hopes of winning the $5000 prize.

Grace Hilty, Feature Editor

As senioritis sets in around Miramonte, the to-do list for college-bound seniors is beginning to stack up. Final enrollment decisions have, for the most part, been made, but now comes an equally difficult aspect of college planning—how will you pay? Most families can not afford paying straight out of pocket, and instead turn to scholarships that pay for partial tuition. Academic competitions and essay contests are a popular option for the organized student who started early… but for the procrastinators out there who are just now beginning to think about payment options, these essay contests have deadlines that have long passed. So what now? There are countless financial aid options out there, some depending on academic merit, parents’ professions, or standardized test scores. But the lesser known and often much more interesting scholarships are those based upon talents or unique characteristics specific to you. Mirador explores some of the staff’s favorites, and encourages MHS students to look into options that suit their own lives.

Tall Clubs International Student Scholarships:
$1000 to eligible females 5’10” or taller, and men 6’2” or taller. Conversely, for those less-endowed in the height department, Little People of America Scholarships offer college funding for those 4’10” or shorter.

Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest:
If duck calling is your thing, you can enter the Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest. Four prizes are given with a main prize of $2000.

Frederick and Mary F. Beckley Scholarship:
Left-handed students may be awarded up to $1000 under the Frederick and Mary F. Beckley Scholarship.

Duck Tape Prom Contest:
If you are willing to risk slight social humiliation, show up to a formal event wearing attire or accessories made entirely of Duck brand duct tape and you and your date will each be awarded $5000. Duck will also donate $5000 to the school!
Seniors Leahna Purcell and Steven Patton went out for the challenge at Senior Ball on May 21.
“I had seen prize winners on the news and on websites,” said Purcell.  “So when I was looking for scholarship options it really caught my attention.”
“Leahna had the idea and made the costume,” said Patton. “We had a really fun time taking pictures in our ensembles, and it was a big hit. I would definitely do it again.”
After sending pictures into the Duck company, the two high achieving seniors will receive word of their success. They both hope to secure a first place victory in this prestigious national competition.

Last Name Contests:
If your last name happens to be Zolp, Gatling, Baxendale, or Van Valkenburg, you are in luck! Several scholarships around the nation offer full-ride tuition to descendants of famous benefactors of their certain college or university. Look into your own family lineage and if you are a descendant of someone famous or strangely named, check out where they went to college.

Starfleet Academy Scholarship:
Any student who has been a member of Starfleet, an international fanclub for the TV show Star Trek, and is in good standing with the committee is elligible for any number of $500 scholarships.  Awards range from the Patrick Steward Scholarship for the Performing Arts to the Dr. Leonard McCoy Medical Scholarship.

Michigan Llama Association Scholarship:
Yes, you read that right.  Llama association.  Any student who is a member of this club can recieve up to $500 for vocational training beyond high school.  The award is presented to recipients at the annual Lamafest  Showcase.

Scholar Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year Award:
$7,500, a free trip to Disney World, and a spot in a Milk Mustache ad are awarded to 25 student athletes with GPAs of 3.20 or higher.

Society of Vacuum Coaters Foundation Scholarship:
Do you love the art of vacuum coating? Do you have any idea what vacuum coating is? If so, you could be awarded $2,500!

Excellence in Predicting the Future Award:
No fortune tellers need apply. $400 will be awarded to students who can regularly predict the financial market and express a career interest in economics. Consult tarot card readers now.

College funding may seem like an overwhelming feat, but with so many options out there, every student can find something that suits their personal accomplishments. Check out your options on Collegeboard today.