Student of the Issue: Chris Treat

Student of the Issue: Chris Treat

Spencer Holmes, Staff Writer

Senior Chris Treat is well known around the Miramonte campus. It’s not evident at first glance, but Treat possesses an amazing talent similar to photographic memory. Treat’s specialty? Dates, calendars, and maps.

Treat spends much of his free time looking at maps and learning about cities all over the world. One glance at a map, and his eyes devour the contents. He is able to quickly commit capitals, states, rivers, mountains, and even street names to memory.

There are many places in the world where Treat has not been, but he hopes to one day travel to the far reaches of the world.

Treat often uses an iPad or computer to look at Google Earth. Treat enjoys exploring the world and looking at the unique cities in foreign countries. “I like to look at all the different places,” said Treat.

As for dates, Treat can recall the day of the week of any given date from 1910 to the present. That is 36,865 days.

When asked what day of the week June 28, 1994 was, Treat quickly replied, “Tuesday.” After a Google search, Treat’s answer was deemed, in fact, correct.

Dumbfounded that Treat anwered correctly, surrounding students flocked to Treat’s side, and each question was answered correctly with the corresponding day of the week.

To take it a step further, the students asked him what he did on a specific date. Treat took a moment and then began to recite his routine of exactly what he did on a day four years ago.

“I woke up and had blueberries and pancakes for breakfast, then a glass of orange juice. My family had to take my brother to the pediatrician for a check-up. We spent the day in the hospital and there was this girl in the hospital who wouldn’t stop crying. She seemed scared,” said Treat.

Treat’s exceptionally fantastic memory also extends to mundane details of his everyday life when he was young.

“I can remember mostly everything from when I was about two years old,” said Treat. “My first clear memory is from when I was one. I remember seeing a green garbage truck.”

Treat first realized that he had this talent when he was eight years old. Since this realization, Treat has spent more and more time examining and memorizing dates, maps, and calendars.

When asked if he had a formula for finding the day of the week, Treat replied, “No, not really… I just do it in my head.”

The ability to pull out thousands of dates is due to the tantalizing amount of time Treat spends reading calendars.

Treat is not only a human calculator for dates, but he is also a veteran cross-country runner. He has been on the cross-country team since he was a freshman, and he never misses a practice.

One can see Treat running around the track after school every day for the Miramonte cross-country team. Treat claims to enjoy running cross-country almost as much as he enjoys reading his maps.

Running helps Treat free his mind of everything. “Running is fun and it helps me think,” said Treat.

“He is very dedicated and always positive,” said cross-country coach Brad Alban. “His attitude and behavior is infectious and he is inspiring to his teammates and coaches.”

“He is a true team player and one that does all that is asked. He recently ran a great 15:11 in the last league meet, which is over a minute improvement from our time trial.”

When the weekend arrives, Treat often goes on bike rides or hikes. He likes to bike ride along the Contra Costa Canal Trail.

Treat’s family frequently goes out to dinner to restaurants such as Table 24, Chevy’s, and Pyramid. Treat loves going out to dinner and prefers dining out to homemade meals.

During football season, Treat enjoys going to a number of Stanford football games with his brother, Josh Treat, who currently attends Stanford University.

Treat often talks about Josh and after a few minutes of conversation, his admiration for his brother is quite evident.

After getting to know Treat inside and outside of the classroom, it isn’t hard to see that his unbelievable memory is just one of his many talents.