Classiness is Revived at Miramonte with ‘Fancy Friday’

Classiness is Revived at Miramonte with ‘Fancy Friday’

Kate Wolffe, Staff Writer

We’ve all woken up late with only minutes to spare before we need to be in first period–nothing beats the ease and comfort of moseying to school in a pair of worn jeans and an oversize sweatshirt. There’s nothing wrong per say with these comfortable outfits that are a staple for high school students of the 21st century, but recently seniors Timothy Witbeck and Mikk Otsmaa are spearheading a movement to bring class back to Miramonte, a movement widely known as “Fancy Friday.”
Started originally by Miramonte graduate Wes Townsend, “Fancy Friday” has been revived by Witbeck and Otsmaa and involves one dressing up each Friday in “no less than a collared shirt,” said Witbeck. He has gone far beyond his minimum, with a weekly outfit consisting of not only a button-down, but a coat, tie, slacks, and pocket silk. He and others participating in the movement have gone all-out with their outfits, going so far as to bringing glassware to suavely sip from.

Fancy Friday has prompted varying reactions from Miramonte students. Feedback ranges from “appreciative” to “really frustrated.” Otsmaa claims he has found a way to combat negativity. “Whenever people ask me, ‘Why are you in a suit?’ I answer, ‘Why are you in normal clothing?’ Friday is for fanciness,” said Otsmaa.

Despite mild opposition, there are definitely some avid supporters. “I really respect them because I love classy people and I have an affinity for the well-dressed,” said senior Hillary Good. “Everyone at Miramonte should participate in Fancy Friday.”

If there has been any negative reaction, it hasn’t deterred anyone. In fact the group has soared to around 20 people and is still growing. Steadily, this stylish group of students is bringing classy back to class.