Lululemon Atletica Clothing Craze Hits Miramonte

Lululemon Atletica Clothing Craze Hits Miramonte

Sam Swinton, Cameron Hoyh, Jenna Haufler, and NickBhachu show off their Lululemon Athletica clothes.

Ali Pietrykowski and Mollie Swan, Staff Writers

Over the past two years Lululemon Athletica athletic wear has made a quick and successful entrance into the fashion industry. The first store opened in Vancouver and shared space with a yoga studio. Since then, more stores have opened in Canada, the United States, and Australia. As of May 2011, there were 142 Lululemon stores, including ones in Berkeley and Walnut Creek. Lululemon has become popular at Miramonte among girls, and even a few boys.

At Miramonte yoga pants are a popular fashion choice for girls who want to dress comfortably, but not look like a complete slob. Senior Jenna Haufler was first introduced to the brand by her swim coach, an Olympic team swimmer as well as a Lululemon employee. Haufler wears them to school, swim practice, pilates, swim meets, and at home.

“I love how the pants and crops are so versatile and comfortable,” said Haufler. “I can wear them almost everyday and they look like black pants, while they feel like sweats.”

Similarly, senior Sam Swinton wears Lululemon apparel every chance she gets. Not only does Swinton own wear, six pairs of pants and two pairs of crop pants, but she also owns two pairs of shorts, four jackets, one cardigan, one sports bra, and one rain coat.

As the company became more popular, it expanded its products. Now, Lululemon sells a wide variety of workout which appeals to athletes of both genders.

Lululemon athletic wear, particularly pants, is starting to become popular among boys. At Miramonte, two fashionable and athletic boys have broken the status quo by wearing Lululemon apparel to school.

Senior Nick Bhachu and junior Cameron Hoyh love Lululemon clothes mainly because they are so comfortable. Bhachu owns two pairs of pants, which he wears around the house and at school.

“All my friends think they are really soft and  secretly want a pair,” said Bhachu. Hoyh owns one pair of running tights as well as shorts, shirts, and jackets. Hoyh likes the brand because the clothes are unique and of high quality. He usually wears his clothes to school, practice, and at home.

However, many people argue that the quality is not high enough to justify the cost. Lululemon is a generally expensive brand and while some people don’t mind splurging on a pair of yoga pants, other people refuse to spend so much money on something they can buy for less elsewhere.

“What people don’t realize is, sure you can buy a pair of yoga pants at Target for $20 or less, but the quality and fit doesn’t compare to what you get at Lululemon,” said junior Emma Jones.