Miramonte Men Brave the Ballet for CAPA Show


Seniors Jack Houston, Alec Barahmipour, Hank Kaplan, and Andrew Hocking (left to right) dance in the Nutcracker.

Josh Dathe, Staff Writer

Ten brave Miramonte senior men have dropped their cleats and have traded them for ballet shoes this holiday season.  Seniors Jack Houston, Joey Rotticci, Andrew Hocking, Hank Kaplan, and Alec Beauregard, Michael Severson, Nick Chaconas, Alec Barahmipour, Ari Migdale, and Cole Watson all performed in California Academy of Performing Arts’ version of The Nutcracker.

The boys performed in six shows performed at Campolindo High School.

Chaconas was one of the standout Miramonte performers, having participated in CAPA performances since his sophomore year. All the other boys are first-time performers.

The boys performed alongside female CAPA dancers.

“I was really impressed by how hard they all worked,” Chaconas said. “They seemed very dedicated to the performance, which is very important.”

“This play has been a great experience,” said Rotticci.  “I never knew how much fun dancing on stage could be.”

Dancing was outside the comfort zone for many of the boys. Most had no previous dancing experience, that didn’t make them the slightest bit apprehensive.

“Going from football and lacrosse to being in the Nutcracker was a huge change for me,” Beauregard said. “But I enjoyed every minute of it. It was definitely a lot more fun than I expected.”

The nine boys’ claim to fame occured during the opening scene where each one danced onstage with a different CAPA girl performer.

“Being onstage is like a dream come true,” Kaplan said. “I get to show off my talent by prancing around in front of a live audience. What could be better?”

All of the newcomers were very enthusiastic about performing in front of a live audience.

“I had two different dates, one in each cast, but we all performed every night,” Hocking said. “I have to say I was really nervous, but after the first performance and I got more comfortable on the stage, and the other performances weren’t that bad.”

CAPA has traditionally staged The Nutcracker every winter.

“It has been around as long as I can remember,” Chaconas said.

Although it may seem like a joke to some, these five boys took the performance quite seriously.  There’s no joking around when it comes to men and ballet.