Student of the Issue: Ashley See

Rachael Oczkus, Entertainment Editor

Senior Ashley See joined the public school world this year. Despite what some people think, See did not move here from British Columbia. In fact, she was born and raised in Orinda just like the rest of us. You may not recognize her because she has attended private schools for her entire life up until now.

See’s most distinctive trait is her kindness. “I feel like I am nice because I’m Hispanic. Hispanic people are just so loving.”

See’s family is from Peru, where most of her extended family resides.

She’s had the opportunity to travel through the country exploring different sites including Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley, the Peruvian Gallapagos, and she hopes to visit Nazca.

Not only has she traveled the country, but she is heavily involved in an organization called VIDA which raises money to send containers full of donated medical supplies to the needy people in 15 Latin American countries.

The summer before her freshman year, See had the opportunity to visit a pediatric burn center where she became fully aware of VIDA’s cause for the first time.

Upon her return to the United States, she felt the call to help the people who share her culture. She spent the next nine months working to raise $11,716, well over her goal of $7,500, thus enabling her to send two containers instead of the intended one to the particular pediatric burn center that she had visited.

After sending the containers, an opportunity to visit the burn center another time presented itself. This time, See discovered that her supplies were being used by the appreciative staff and patients.

This experience with VIDA energized See, showing that she could actually make a difference and help someone. This realization prompted her to work as an intern, writing case studies which were sent to large companies who would donate money.

One of the sites, Pamplona, made an impact on See. There she met Lady, a little girl who was burned in a fire when she was four months old. The town didn’t have any water to put out the fire so eight-year-old Lady now carries the burden of her past with a deformed face.

VIDA runs 15 medical dispensaries in the town to work on preventative medicine. Inspired by Lady, Ashley hopes to insert fifteen more medical dispensaries in towns like Pamplona. Currently, she is working to raise the $15,000 needed to accomplish her goal.

See hopes that in the future she can continue helping others by being the head of the World Health Organization or working for the United Nations.

By getting wealthy countries involved in a cause, a greater impact can be made than by nonprofit companies alone. See knows that by getting the UN involved, she can make a bigger impact.

On top of her work with VIDA, See dances for DMA on their elite dance team and has been competing since she was nine, competing in solo dances for regional and national competitions.

Her freshman year, she made the Senior Elite World Championship team at her studio and became the youngest member on the team.

In her sophomore year, she attended the World Championships in Scotland. At the end of the competition, her team’s scores placed them as 18th out of 600 teams.

“This experience was the most exciting thing that ever happened to me. I absolutely loved it,” said See.

At Miramonte, See participates in Leadership as the Commissioner of Clubs and Community Service. Ever since the fourth grade, she has held leadership positions including ASB Vice President at Carondelet High School.

In college, See hopes to continue studying Latin. “I have a passion for Latin and will most likely minor in it in college,” said See. See participates in the Miramonte Lain Club on top of taking AP Latin 4.

Does she have any faults? Well, after lots of digging, I finally discovered the one thing that See cannot do.
Despite her love for music, she can’t hold a tune. Don’t expect See to be on key while singing happy birthday or the ABCs because you’ll be greatly disappointed by her lack of singing ability.