Seniors Reflect on Science Trip Experience


Just a week after the second semester started, 59 Miramonte seniors from science classes and a select group of teachers boarded a plane to visit the Olympic National Park in Washington. Here are some highlights, interesting stories, best moments, and thoughts from the students after returning:

Lucas Schroyer: “I really liked just chilling underneath our makeshift tarp camp on the backpacking trip when it was pouring rain, swapping stories by candlelight and getting to know my hiking group.”

Hosanna Fuller: “My favorite part was going on solo hikes and it was great to be one with nature, like the transcendentalists of America.”

Ryan Christensen: “Having so much alone time in nature and going on so many hikes was pretty chill.”

Aly Kostecki: “The best part was bonding with Mr. Gadde over science jokes.”

Alicia Macler: “We had been hiking for three hours were just coming out of the woods, when all of the sudden we could hear the ocean and we could smell the ocean, and we turned a corner and BOOM! The ocean was right there and we all started running, it was so beautiful and exciting.”

Connor Campbell: “I’ve been trying to think of a best part for a while but I can’t choose. Maybe playing mafia with everybody at the lodge. No, playing presidents. All the games at night were awesome.”

Arjun Johal: “OPI was great because we were able to just completely get away from the grind of school and everything. It completely different from anything I’d ever done before and it was a great experience.”

Elise Legallet: “Meeting new people was awesome. Even getting put in rooms and hiking groups with nobody I knew was awesome. Also, playing mafia and killing off everybody in my group. It doesn’t get much more bonding than that.”