Future Miramonte Gappers

Helen Britto and Lauren Dahlberg-Seeth, Staff Writers

Mirador: Why did you decide to take a gap year?
Fearing: My father is a professor and he is eligible for a sabbatical. We couldn’t go before, because I was involved in so many activities. So now that I’m graduating high school, it makes sense to go. We are going to Switzerland for a year.
Riggins: My brother took one and as soon as I heard he was going, I knew I had to take one!

M:What gap year program are you doing?
F: NONE. I’m winging it.
R: I’m not doing any single program. I’m taking the approach that my brother took and doing some group traveling, but for the vast majority, I’m just traveling on my own.

M: What do you hope to accomplish during your year off?
F: I hope to get to know myself better, what my passions are, and figure out what I want to do in college. I also plan to learn German.
R: Well, as far as my parents are concerned I have to gain some semester credits that are transferable to college and they think my extended internship will be useful in developing a skill that can be used in a career later on. On the other hand I’m simply ecstatic about being able to travel for a year between high school and college!

M: How did you decide to do a gap year?
F: My family has been talking about going away on sabbatical for years, and since the world is going to end in December 2012, we thought now would be a good time.
R: It was as simple as hearing that my brother was thinking about taking one, and after I heard his plans for it, I was hooked.

M: What do you want to do during your gap year?
F: I want to paint, play the piano, read all those books that I’ve been meaning to read, and of course, travel!
R: During the gap year I plan on starting in Hawaii and studying Spanish for a few weeks. Then I’ll go to New Zealand for a few months to get a job but only a nine-to-five one so I’ll have plenty of time to travel. After that I plan to go to Thailand for an internship, where I will volunteer in a primate sanctuary. Then, it’s off to Nepal for three months of traveling, cultural immersion, language studies, and volunteer work. Finally, to Ireland to teach at an outdoors school. I should be back home in the early summer, and of course I’ll return home for the holidays.

M: Did you apply to any colleges?
F: I haven’t applied to any colleges, but am planning to do so while in Switzerland.
R: Yes I did, I only applied to two and got into both, Northern Arizona University and University of Idaho.

M: What are your plans for after your Gap Year?
F: After my year off I plan to attend college!
R: I plan to go to Northern Arizona University, and I am currently undecided on a major.

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