J$ and the Gamers Hit Up the Boards


Teacher Jennifer Moore and senior Max Wolffe spend a summer evening game testing Race to Adventure.

Karmi Chan, Staff Writer

For chemistry teacher Jennifer Moore, exposing her students to a variety of uncommon board games is one of the joys of being a teacher.

“There’s a whole world of games I want to expose students too,” Moore said. “There’s so many more games that deserve recognition besides Monopoly.”

A few years ago, Moore began introducing students to uncommon games on select Fridays after the AP Chemistry exam.

“It was a great stress reliever after the endless studying for the AP test,” senior Hayley Young said. “Ms. Moore had all these games I’d never heard of before, but ended up being really fun.”

Moore’s students enjoyed these games so much they decided to continue learning new games throughout the summer. They began participating in game nights at Endgame in downtown Oakland. On Wednesday evenings, this group of gamers traveled by BART to join the gaming community.

Endgame is a booming game store famous for its assortment of different games, including board games, traditional games, role-playing games, miniature games, and card games. The only types of games not included are computer and video games, since Endgame believes that gaming should be a social and hands-on experience. Endgame has a loft above the store, specifically for the gamers to have an area to socialize and play together.

“Wednesday game nights are a lot of fun because you get to play board games with your friends in an environment that’s not school related,” senior Mikk Otsmaa said.

One Wednesday night during the summer, Moore and her students tested a newly developed game at Endgame. They discussed new ideas that were eventually inputed into the game.

The game, Race to Adventures, has still not been released to the public.

“Supposedly our names are credited in the rulebook of the game because we tested it,” senior Brandt Sheets said. “The designer seriously considered and likely implemented a few of our suggestions to improve the game.”

“The games played at Endgame are mostly unknown to the public,” Moore said. “But for those in the gaming community they are fascinating and intricate pastimes.”

Since school started, it has been difficult to make time for Wednesday game nights.

“Senior year has been pretty killer for most of the people who went to the game nights,” senior Max Wolffe said. “But now that we are second semester seniors it should be easier to start attending them again.”

Instead of making the trip to Oakland, Moore has decided to bring the games to Miramonte. Most Thursdays there are fun, original board games going on during lunch in Moore’s classroom, room 131. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join the party.