Elementary School Stereotypes Examined

Josh Dathe, Staff Writer

Sleepy Hollow: Sleepy Hollow students are well-rounded kids who are generally athletic and intelligent. They  benefit from a large number of field trips including trips to the Exploratorium and the Wagner Ranch Nature Area. SH students receive lunch tickets each week to purchase delicous food, including a wide variety of ice cream such as push pops and lemon ice cups. After School Club (ASC) is the hot spot around school, hosting large games of kickball with Jason, the badass school counselor. Kids play Oregon Trail, Zoombinis, and Type To Learn on the computers in the Computer Lab and compete in legendary wall ball and teatherball tournaments.  Sleepy Hollow kids benefit from all of these little perks, which makes them generally well-rounded  kids.

Del Rey: Known for the Rotary Field Day that attracts most all Orinda kids, Del Rey students excel in many quirky activites, including potato sack racing. The Dolphins also host plenty of OBA games, but once players hit the 6th or 7th grade, they graduate to the Wagner Ranch sports field. Four Square is the top game played on the blacktop, one of the most entertaining and well-known elementary school games.  They live next to three schools, Del Rey, OIS, and Miramonte, so they are typically smart because they are constantly surrounded by an academic environment. In addition, Del Rey boasts arguably the best library in the OUSD, helping their students be more academic. Lastly, Del Rey kids are particularly friendly due to interacting with “Mr. Steve,” the lively Dolphin janitor.

Glorietta: Glorietta is known for the legendary Gopher Club, where most students hang out after school. Bar Tag is by far the most popular blacktop activity. The Gophers are also notorious for students hanging out on the roof, leading to many occurances of police and parents forcefully removing students. Gophers have their own nature area near the river with a mini amphitheater, where they gather and have a good time together.  To go along with the social gopher theme, Glorietta was also home to the infamous “#projectstevo.”

Wagner Ranch: The best part of Wagner is easily the Nature Area.  Wagner Ranch students are constantly exposed to the great outdoors. The main games played on the blacktop are kickback and knockout.  Wagner students also have the benefit of the Sports Field next to Ebmud. Wagner hosts most OBA baseball games, giving the school a lot of outside popularity. The students from Wagner are very athletic and into the outdoors. Today, you can see many of these elementary school graduates hanging around their old school, hiking, swimming in “the hole,” or playing sports.