Mirador Unveils the Secret Lives of MHS Parents

Kate Wolffe, Staff Writer

Jo Ann Good
AKA: “Mama Good”
The Facts: With her work at the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley, Mama Good is quite literally, good. Besides this, her daughter Hillary describes her as “freakishly insightful,” as she is fascinated by Zen philosophy and is an indie-movie maniac. “We’ll go to indie movies at the Californian or something and the whole audience will reek of hipster stench and everyone will be wearing beanies and Ray-Ban prescription glasses, and there will be Mama Good in all her Chanel 5 glory, looking classy as usual in her Ralph Lauren cashmere ensembles,” Hillary said. Also a fan of House, Mama Good believes that she and Hugh Laurie are destined to be together because his wife’s name is Jo and he has three daughters, just like her! Now the go-to personal shopper for the Good family and a full-time mother of the Goods’ beloved bichon Chloe. Mama Good’s only pitfall is that she doesn’t understand humor that isn’t British.
The Kid: Hillary Good
Hillary’s Opinion: “She’s never climbed Everest, but she does put flower petals in our salads and always has a reason to be overdressed. We’re classy broads, and we’re okay with that. She also has flown to London for a weekend. All in all, coolest parent ever.”

Arun Majumdar
AKA: “Our Environment’s Voice”
The Facts: Dr. Majumdar may not work in the White House, but he certainly has a heavy hand in the decisions made there. After an incredible career as both Associate Laboratory Director for Energy and Environment at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and a professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering at UC Berkeley, Majumdar recently moved into a crucially important position. In late November of last year, President Obama nominated Dr. Majumdar to be Undersecretary of Energy, a vital position for our nation, especially considering the energy crisis we are faced with today. Working at the Department of Energy, Majumdar receives proposals for projects for renewable sources of energy and decides whether they can be funded or not. He then reports to the Secretary of Energy Steven Chu. Majumdar is also the first Director of the  ARPA-E, the Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy, the country’s only agency devoted to transformational energy research and development. Widely recognized as a leader in the field of nanostructured materials used in energy conversion, transport, and storage, Majumdar is the hand behind many of the technical innovations and research that is changing our world.
The Kid: Anjali Majumdar
Anjali’s Opinion: “My dad is awesome because he gets to meet all sorts of famous people: movie stars, sports stars, and political celebrities. He’s gone to many formal events, including the State Dinner for the prime minister of the UK. There he met the President of the United States, Hillary Clinton, Rory Mcilroy, and many other famous people! In addition, he has been to the Oval Office! I’M SO JEALOUS!”

Jennifer Vigo
AKA: “The Businesswo-mom”
The Facts: After unfruitful years of seeking clothing that was both practical, fashionable, and convenient for her three daughters, Mrs. Vigo took matters into her own hands and this year opened Orinda’s very own vintage and consignment shop, ReChic Boutique 101. Located at 101 Orinda Way, ReChic provides teenagers with a place to meet up and hang out with friends while shopping for clothing or home goods. It’s a place to call their own that’s also fun and fashionable. “I thought the consignment part could be a great way for everyone to recycle plus earn money for themselves,” said Vigo. Thanks to this awesome mom, all teenagers can find the clothes they want without having to leave our sleepy little town.
The Kid: Natalie Vigo
Natalie’s Opinion: “My mom is awesome because she is crazy, fun, loving and totally young at heart. She can get anything done and do it well. She definitely tries to ‘fit in with the girls’ and I love her for it.”

Lorree and Mark Swinton
AKA: “The Power Couple”
The Facts: Mrs. Swinton is a badass. A black belt in martial arts, Mrs. Swinton recently received second place in the 2012 U.S. Open Taekwondo Championships. But there’s more to her besides her work at the Lamorinda Martial Arts Studio. A super-fan of Twilight, Swinton adores the book series so much that she attended the premiere alone when none of her five children opted to go with her. Additionally, she believes herself to be a half-reborn Asian because sometimes she reads magazines back to front, and she goes to McDonald’s everyday to get a large Diet Coke because “they mix it the best.” Mr. Swinton on the other hand… is also a badass. In 2010 he competed in the Mr. California contest, coming in third. He can bench press around 365 pounds and aspires to be a lower-calf model. As if this wasn’t cool enough, he also gets a standing ovation each time he sings karaoke.
The Kids: Meg and Sam Swinton
Sam’s Opinion:  “The rest of the school should be thankful they don’t have a black belt and body builder enforcing their curfews”