Check out Books- and Your New Librarian!

Full name: Ms. Elizabeth Aracic
Previous Position:
English and Social Studies teacher for juniors and seniors
New Position:
“The technical term is Teacher-Librarian”

Why did you switch?
I knew that Mrs. Shostrum was retiring, and I have been interested in the position for a long time, though I didn’t know that it would be so immediate.

How are you liking it?
I am enjoying it, but there’s a lot more to being a librarian than helping out kids. I also have to order books, talk to various data bases for the computers, and learn how to use and instruct with IPads. There are a lot of new things and new systems that I’m still learning.

Why the library?
In the past, I really have enjoyed one-on-one classes, like WISE and Digital Photography better, as I get to really help students individually. It’s quite fulfilling, I can really tailor what people need. Though it’s hard not having a family of students, I like to think that I either have no students or 1300.

What’s your favorite thing about the library?
Physically, I love the enormous windows and the trees. But really, having so many new and diverse people come through is fun and exciting.

Do you miss teaching English?
I do miss teaching English- it’s fun to talk and tell stories, I miss having an audience! There’s also something special and magical about having a group of students you see everyday.

What is different about your relationships with the students?
As a teacher, I was teaching students information, but as a librarian I can help kids learn on their own- I direct them to resources so that they can be self sufficient. My relationship with my colleagues has also differed, it’s more diverse. For instance, I recently worked with Ms. LeBoy, the geology teacher, which I never would have done as an English teacher.

What do you see the library as?
I see it as a place to come together to learn. You can study at home, but the library provides a place for groups of people to come together and help eachother, making use of the different resources you can find here.

Make sure you come use your library, check out books, ask questions, and introduce yourself to Ms. Aracic!