MHS Clubs Make an Impact on Campus

Simone Britto, Staff Writer

There were loads of incredible clubs for Miramonte students to join at Club Day last Friday. If you missed your chance to sign up, don’t fret! Mirador profiled four that seem to be influencing the Miramonte community.


Treble Makers

What It Is: Founded last year, Treble Makers is an acapella club that raises money for charity through concerts. Members sing pop songs, putting a twist on songs you know and love. They meet once a week to practice and usually participate in Performers for Progress and the Pops Choir Concert at the end of the year.

Why You Should Join: “It’s a really fun group of people singing really cool arrangements to songs you already know,” club Vice President senior Anna Boer said. Treble Makers gives you the opportunity to show off your lovely singing voice for your friends and fellow students, even if you’re not taking Choir or Drama.

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Dodgeball Club

What It Is: With a pretty self-explanatory name, members of the Dodgeball Club meet every other Friday at lunch to play dodgeball and promote the spirit of healthy competition.  With over 100 sign-ups last Friday, this is one of Miramonte’s most popular clubs.

Why You Should Join: For fun, of course! As a member of the Dodgeball Club, you get to play everyone’s favorite old PE game. Dodgeball Club is also a great way to make friends. “We have a significant amount of underclassmen involved in Dodgeball Club, which allows them to interact with, and become, part of the Miramonte community,” co-President senior Bobby Veres said.

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Diversity Club

What It Is: An important part of Miramonte for over 20 years, Diversity Club is a club that celebrates people’s differences and discourages discrimination. Members meet twice a month to plan school-wide activities that recognize Miramonte’s diversity, like International Night and Tolerance Week.

Why You Should Join: “Because it is the best club ever. We welcome anyone. Anyone who wants to make Miramonte a better place should come,” club President junior Jonathan Chan said. Diversity Club is all about making Miramonte a better place.

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Environmental Club

What It Is: Environmental club aims to spread awareness of climate change and encourage everyone to lead sustainable lives. Tuesdays during lunch, members plan activities that raise awareness, like Green Week. In the past, they held waste audits, putting the trash around campus onto the quad to show students how much waste is created in a day.

Why You Should Join: If you’re worried about the state of the environment, this is the club for you. Members get to help with the beautification of the campus. As if you needed more encouragement to improve Miramonte’s sustainability, students will also be awarded community service hours for coming to meetings and participating in activities.

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