Teachers Crawl Out From Under Desks

Teachers Crawl Out From Under Desks

Assisted by her tour guide, Selway lifts a skull she found in Africa.

Youngjoo Ahn, Staff Writer

For Miramonte students, summer is a time of relaxation and forgetting backbreaking textbooks, hours of homework, and teachers.

“Teachers probably stay under their desks grading papers,” sophomore Alex Jang said. Junior Liya Levanda agrees that summer school is the first thing that comes to mind when the words teacher and summer are combined.

However, that is not the case at all. It may be surprising, but like students, teachers have active summers full of adventure too.

History teacher Carolyn Cahill went gorilla trekking in Eastern Africa for three weeks while fellow history teacher Meghan Selway explored around Southern Africa for five weeks.

“I had a really fun trip but the hardest thing was probably jetlag,” Cahill said.

Selway learned all about plants and animals on the trip of a lifetime. Highlights of her trip included riding an ATV, rafting class five rapids, and even giving an impromptu history lesson to her tour guide. Selway became an expert animal spotter and was immersed in the culture of native tribes.

“I’ve gone on trips to China and Southeast Asia, but each place is different and becomes a trip of a lifetime,” Selway said.

“Teachers are so caught up in test standards and students are focused on grades and tests, so that the love of learning is sometimes lost,” Selway said. “Travelling definitely reminds me why I’m a teacher.”

Science teachers Hope Hauptman and Jennifer Moore also had incredible experiences while traveling. Hauptman spent the summer in New Zealand with her sister while Moore was in France.

Hauptman travelled to New Zealand for the fifth time and spent time with her family. By taking paddle boarding lessons, she improved her swimming.

The weirdest thing Hauptman ate was possum stew. Possums are considered pests there and eat the eggs of endangered birds. Hauptman said that possum tasted like chicken.

“I missed summer because it’s winter time in New Zealand when it’s summer here. Next time I’d like to go when it’s summer there,” Hauptman said.

Moore goes to France annually partly because she loves the food. The most exciting part of her trip this year was seeing Madonna live in concert.

Math teacher Mike Plant also had a busy summer. He travelled to Lake Tahoe with friends and also visited Hawaii with his wife and Public Speaking teacher, Kristen Plant, and her family. He also went to England for three weeks to visit his family.

Not only did Plant travel, he also moved from Martinez to Orinda. “It was really hard because we had to pack up every few days between different vacations,” Plant said.