Asia Palace, a Sweet and Spicy Find


Asia Palace in Moraga is famous for its friendly and generous staff that never lets a customer leave empty-handed.

Julia Govan, Julia Hass, Ali Pietrykowski, Opinion Editor, Managing Editor, Photo Editor

Walking by Asia Palace in Moraga, it doesn’t seem like anything out of the ordinary. Based on solely appearances one wouldn’t be able to conceive the wonders that lay inside.
Hidden in the Moraga Shopping Center under an old, wooden sign, this small Asian restaurant is a beloved spot for Lamorinda natives. This is no surprise, considering the enthusiastic and caring staff, first-rate organic Asian food and free goodies.
Although the decor is anything but palace material, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Its dark lighting and cushy chairs and booths make it perfect for family and friend outings.
Immediately after entering the premises it’s apparent this is no usual restaurant. To the uninformed customer, the first encounter with the overzealous staff can be startling in its uniqueness. Right after asking for a table, a handful of candy was shoved into our unsuspecting hands. We were lucky enough to receive six Airheads and four bags of M&M cookies. Our Airheads were doubled as we left.
Before we had even fully situated ourselves, three bowls of steaming sweet and sour soup were placed in front of our hungry eyes. The hospitable waitress  immediately swept over to us with three complimentary Sprites accompanied by neon colored swirly straws. Oh, you don’t get those straws when you go there? I guess they must just like us better. We stammered out our thanks, for no matter how many times we’ve been to this magical place, we still can barely believe the kindness and giving nature of the proprietors.
We finally ordered something that we would have to pay for, and not five or 10 minutes later plates of chow mein and Generals Chicken were placed in front of us. The two heaping dishes were more than enough for three girls, and the prices were extremely fair for the amount of food we ordered, considering all the free food we were given.
This was not even counting the food that was pushed into our hands on the way out the door. It’s not uncommon to walk out the door of Asia Palace looking as though you had just been grocery shopping, carrying a plastic bag brimming with raw vegetables and uncommon fruits. As we were eating, they kindly bestowed us with three sesame balls, six more airheads, grapes, avocados, tempura shrimp and of course fortune cookies.
Rated very highly on commonly used sites such as Yelp and Trip Advisor, Asia Palace is obviously a favorite among many, and definitely a place every Miramonte student should check out.
“Probably the best Chinese food this side of the tunnel,” senior Nathan Danziger, Asian food enthusiast, said.
Asia Palace has been open for five years and has been generously giving out goodies on the cuff for the past two years. Owner Allen (last name remains a mystery to the public) has ensured that 7 percent of the food is 100 percent organic.
It is no mystery why Lamorindians flock to this treasure trove. If you haven’t checked it out… who are we kidding, after reading the first paragraph of this article you probably hopped in your car and are on your way. And in that case: STOP READING AND KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD!!