Students Enjoy A Thanksgiving Abroad


Yoon showing off his Gangnam Style

Lauren Branagh and Jack Garrett, Staff Writer

The norm for Thanksgiving break is relaxing around the house, enjoying family and eating as much turkey as your body can hold. A few Miramonte students stepped outside the norm and traveled the world.

The nation wide phenomenon “Gangnam style” originated across the globe in South Korea. Sophomore Mathew Yoon ventured on a 12-hour plane ride to visit his grandparents in Seul, the capital of South Korea, where Gangnam style was created. Yoon traveled with his father over Thanksgiving break, but has gone to South Korea multiple other times.

“The main difference between the U.S. and South Korea is the people,” Yoon said. “In South Korea everyone is much more welcoming and it feels more like my home, and of course everyone is very proud of the popular Gangnam Style.”

A long way from South Korea, in Spain, the delicious food of tapas was leaving its impression on another Miramonte student. Junior Mac Watson spent his break in Spain with his family and family friends, the Deaver’s. Watson spent the majority of his time in Madrid and Cordoba, enjoying the incredible food.

“The best part of the trip was visiting a mosque in Cordoba,” Watson said. “It was huge, super pretty and cool architecturally.”

Back in America, junior Paige Powell made the trek down to L.A. to visit her friends, family and visit colleges.

“The highlight of my trip was seeing the all the colleges that I want to apply to,” Powell said, “It made me super motivated and excited for what the future holds.”