7 Wonders of the Bay Area


Karmi Chan, News Editor

Drawing inspiration from the list of the Seven Wonders of the World compiled by experts, Mirador set out to catalogue the Seven Wonders of the Bay Area. Using rigorous selection criteria, we have created a list that will stand the test of time itself. Like Mt. Everest, Mt. Tamalpais rises majestically from the Bay. Like the Pyramids of Egypt, the Golden Gate Bridge is a feat of human engineering and perseverance. We invite you to enter, and be amazed.


Mount Tamalpais

Where: Marin County

Standing an impressive 2,571 feet high, Mount Tamalpais is the highest peak in the Marin hills. With over 100 miles of trails, Mt. Tam is the perfect place for hiking, biking, horseback riding and picnicking. It is home to canyons of redwoods, waterfalls, streams and cavernous grasslands. On a clear day, visitors can view the Farallon Islands, the Marin hills, San Francisco, the East Bay and even Mt. Diablo. The striking views from anywhere on the mountain enhance the beauty of the peak itself.


Golden Gate Bridge

Where: San Francisco

California’s most legendary icon is the breathtaking suspension bridge that links San Francisco to Marin County. The towering orange-red engineering masterpiece is one of the world’s most historical landmarks. Famous for its stunning Art Deco design and striking surroundings, this icon attracts visitors from all over the world. Everyone should find a day to walk across the Golden Gate and take in the stunning surroundings of the Pacific Ocean and the Bay.



Where: UC Berkeley Campus

UC Berkeley is home to the iconic Sather Tower, more commonly known as the Campanile. Built in 1914, this tower is Berkeley’s most distinguished symbol. The third tallest bell and clock tower in the world, the tower stands a magnificent 307 feet tall. From the observation platform on the eighth floor, visitors are provided with the magnificent view of Berkeley’s campus and the entire Bay Area.


Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve

Where: Oakland

Located in our backyard, Sibley Park is home to an extinct 10 million year old volcano. Round Top, the highest point at Sibley, can be spotted from the East Bay hills. Besides the volcano, Sibley has four elaborate labyrinths located near trailheads. Each of these labyrinths is a spectacle to view and fun to walk around. Sibley Park is full of rolling hills to climb and grass to frolic about in. Making friends with the many cows is a worthwhile activity, as they can lead you to secret spots that are well off the beaten path. Only a quick 10-minute drive away, Sibley is well worth a visit.


Grizzly Peak

Where: Oakland/Berkeley Hills

Grizzly Peak is famous for its glorious panoramic view of the Bay Area. The drive to Grizzly, through the curving hills of Berkeley, is an adventure in of itself and is the perfect time to play an amusing game of jello. Whether you visit during the day or during the night, Grizzly is the perfect spot to clear one’s head and to breathe in the fresh air. During the day, Grizzly is the perfect place to have a picnic with the picturesque background of the fiery red Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay. At night, the sky is adorned with glittering stars and sparkling city lights. Grizzly Peak is a must-see for Bay Area residents.


Redwood Regional Park

Where: Oakland

Located in the hills east of Oakland, Redwood Regional Park is home to magnificent redwood trees. This park hosts the largest group of redwoods located in the East Bay. The park is the perfect location for serene picnics surrounded by nature. This hidden redwood forest has countless trails dispersed throughout it. Visitors journeying through these trails often encounter deer, rabbits, squirrels and raccoons. All Bay Area residents should venture into the forest and immerse themselves in the serenity and majesty of this forest.


Marin Headlands

Where: Marin County

The Marin Headlands are part of a mountainous peninsula most recognized for its picturesque views of the Bay Area and the Golden Gate Bridge. The Headlands is home to phenomenal sea cliffs and beaches. One of the Golden Gate National Parks, this immense and diverse wilderness has magnificent hiking trails. While hiking through the peninsula, one is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and panoramas of the bay. Another huge perk of the Marin Headlands is that it is never crowded.