Average Joe of the Issue: Mia Harnett


Colin Bean and Kenyon Watson, Staff Writers

To choose the “Average Joe of the Issue” Miradorwriters Kenyon Watson and Colin Bean frolicked to the attendance office to choose a random name from the list of enrolled students. Implementing the tried and true system of opening the class binder and jabbing at a name, they came upon sophomore Mia Harnett. Although Harnett might seem like just another redhead, she is an extremely unique person.

You may recognize her from prancing around with the varsity lacrosse team, or even trying to communicate with her dog. Harnett is not just an Average Joe, but is easily one of the most interestingly average people Mirador has come across yet.

This comedic redhead has very different relationships with many people including her crazy dog named Nicki, named after Nicki Minaj, with whom she has a very close relationship.

“I basically can speak to my dog,” Harnett said. “And sometimes I can make her copy what I do. I get really close to her face and stick out my tongue, and then Nicki does it back. It is awesome.”

Harnett recently finished her first season of cross-country, and was MVP of the Frosh/Soph girls squad.

“We would go on runs that were so long, and everyone would finish long after Mia,” sophomore Lily Longton said. “Mia can run hours on end, and won’t even be tired. It is crazy.”

Harnett also made the Miramonte varsity women’s lacrosse team her freshman year and plans to try out again this upcoming season. When Harnett is not practicing lacrosse for Miramonte, she is playing on the top Triple Threat team, known as the Green Team, which is a competitive, traveling, year-round lacrosse club.

She also has many other hidden talents and unique characteristics that few know about. Harnett will dream about something really random and then the dreams actually start to happen a few weeks, or months, later.

“I will be doing something and have a Déjà vu moment, and realize it happened in my dreams. It is really quite frightening because it is almost like I am psychic,” Harnett said.

In addition to these Déjà vu dreams, she once suffered from a serious lucid dream syndrome attack.

“I was laying in bed and fell asleep. The next morning, my mind woke up but my body didn’t wake up. It felt like I was trapped inside my body and there was 1000 pounds laying on top of me,” Harnett said. “Then I just started crying in my brain, but I didn’t actually cry because I couldn’t. I could neither scream nor breathe. It was terrifying, then finally I regained conscienceness after about 30 seconds.”

Harnett and many of her friends believe that this “1000 pound” weight that was “on top of her” is actually a ghost that lives in her sister’s old bedroom.

“I swear there is a ghost in the room right next to her, that travels through her vent and sits on her at night,”  Longton said. “Her house is definitely haunted.”

Harnett claims that her house is not haunted, but she  has heard something that sounds like a bowling ball rolling around on the wood floor in her sister’s room.

Outside of her haunted house life, Harnett likes to go on long runs, shop, hang out with her best buddies, eat Chinese food and listen to music from a variety of her favorite artists such as Jack Johnson, Miike Snow and Passion Pit.